Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Galatasaray Medical Park - Unics Kazan

Galatasaray Unics pick
Two teams which are very likely to get as far as Eurocup final 4 are facing each other in the opening game of Top 16 group match up. Galatasaray Medical Park will look to beat their biggest opponent in the group while Unics Kazan try to prevail in Istanbul.

Galatasaray Medical Park currently isn't as tough as it was in the beginning of the season. While the team was hit by a series of injuries throughout the season, some of the players had down sloped form, too. Since the beginning of the season, Galatasaray Medical Park suffered two important injuries; their biggest scoring weapon Henry Domercant was ruled out and he has been practically out of season. Another important miss was unexpected injury of young point guard Goksenin Koksal. He is known particularly by his defensive skills. Unfortunately, he is out of season as well. Last week, starting power forward Milan Macvan caught an elbow which resulted his nose to be broken. He rested for about a week;however, he is expected to play with a face protective mask. Point guard Ender Arslan was also injured, but he is likely to play too. Finally, Galatasaray Medical Park signed Carlos Arroyo. He has been training with the team for a week and he'll play against Unics Kazan tonight.

Likewise home side, visiting Unics Kazan is one of the biggest favourites of this tournament. At the first round, they led the group F with 5/1 record. Nevertheless, Unics Kazan team is noted more remarkably by their Euroleague performance within previous year. Last year, They made their way as far as TOP 8 playoffs where they are eliminated by Regal Barcelona. In fact, Galatasaray Medical Park and Unics Kazan were drawn in the same group of Euroleague last year where Unics Kazan achieved a 64-68 victory in Istanbul. In terms of the injuries, I haven't found any news available. So, I'll assume the visitors to have their full roster available.

It is a really close game. If this game were scheduled 3 months earlier, i would take double digit Galatasaray Medical Park spread here. However, I personally don't appreciate their current form. Last weekend, they hit hard poor Hacettepe University by 20+ digits margin. However, I believe this demonstration of strength was totally unnecessary prior to such an important match up. Point guard Ender Arslan couldn't complete that game while Carlos Arroyo played his first match after about 6 months break. Today they'll face Mire Chatman who played against Turkish teams for many years and who knows this athmopshere best among Unics Kazan players. Both sides have deep rotations in spite of Galatasaray Medical Park rotation is damaged a little bit. We don't know Whether or not Milan Macvan feels comfortable playing with a mask. Galatasaray Medical Park victory doesn't surprise me;however, I don't find it valuable to rely on. I think the spread on behalf of Unics Kazan is quite reasonable. Even in the event of home side win, I believe it is supposed to be a close one, within the handicap. In a lower scoring expected game, 6 points is a great deal of difference.

Quick remarks; Galatasaray and Unics faced each other on august, 28th in Bormio,Italy and Unics won the game 62-89.2 weeks after, they faced each other in Rixos cup on September, 14th and Galatasaray won the game 70-55.(Both were exhibition games)

Pick : Unics Kazan +6.0 @ 1.90
Stake: 7/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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  1. firstly thanks for your predictions..
    im from turkey and this match predictions is
    galatasaray- unics kazan +4,5 (141,5) in here. what do u think that galatasaray can win with handicap or under 141,5 ?
    and also i wanna learn that what does ML Odds means?
    could u anwser this questions?
    thank u very much..

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your comment.
      ML means straight victory regardless of point margin. So, even a win with a single point difference is enough to win a ML pick. (you can think of ML bets as the result of soccer games)

      Regarding the game total, I prefer to stay out game totals as often as possible. So, I won't be able to comment on whether it is under or over 141.5.

  2. thanku very much again and also thank u for spent your time about answer my question.
    and also i wanna pick +4,5 unics kazan in here but abroud +6 unics kazan difference two points? im confused

    1. with +4.5 spread, you are less advantageous when compared to +6.0, if you are on behalf of Unics Kazan.

      So, if you bet on +4.5 spread your bet wins;

      Always, if unics kazan wins the game
      Always, if unics kazan loses the game with 4 or less difference.

      You lose the bet, if Galatasaray wins the game with 5 or more points difference.

  3. i got it all of them..can i learn about your opinion if the handicaps +4,5 for unics kazan could u pick unics kazan?
    thank u very much for your patience..

  4. thank u again. i ll be waitin your predictions
    good luck..


    Smooth WON

  6. Im looking forward on your euroleague picks! Well done!