Friday, January 4, 2013

Erdemir - Pinar Karsiyaka

Erdemir Pinar Karsiyaka pick
The most underachieving team of the league Erdemir is hosting Pinar Karsiyaka on saturday afternoon. Erdemir head coach Hakan Demir recently resigned from his duty and his replacement hasn't been confirmed yet. Last weekend, they faced Besiktas under the supervision of their assistant coach for the second game in a row but he couldn't avoid a double digit Besiktas victory on the road. This saturday, they'll seek to beat Pinar Karsiyaka to gain some confidence again.

Pinar Karsiyaka and Erdemir are quite interrelated to each other. Erdemir's former coach Hakan Demir previously coached Pinar Karsiyaka for 3 years. As a result of that, current Erdemir roster has some players who played for Pinar Karsiyaka before. Visitors, on the other hand, established a fresh group of guys this year and so far this regeneration have proven to be successful as Pinar Karsiyaka is placed at the 4th seed of Turkish Basketball league standings.

However, the upward trend of Pinar Karsiyaka might be about to disappear. Last week, Pinar Karsiyaka didn't show good signs of positive performance even though they comfortably defeated Olin Edirne. The conceded 70 points were way too higher than what could have been an acceptible score. Besides, Pinar Karsiyaka suffered 2 of their total 3 losses on the road, so this statistics is another indication why they should be careful against Erdemir this saturday.

Erdemir didn't play well at all against Besiktas last week. They made me lose my spread betting by as low as +0.5 points as they couldn't remain within the spread at the end of the game. The main reason for the defeat was their terrible outside shooting performance. They scored 3/19 behind the arc which was a totally unacceptable statistics given the capacity of the rotation. The defeat became inevitable when Erdemir not only scored poorly but also outrebounded heavily by their opponents. All in all, they disappointed me with such a poor offensive effort and suffered a well deserved defeat.

Since Erdemir couldn't provide the reaction they were meant to do last week, they are very likely to be aggressive against Pinar Karsiyaka. Sean Marshall, Engin Emre Bayav and Asim Pars played for Pinar Karsiyaka before, so this is supposed to be even a more special game for them. Pinar Karsiyaka has strong presence inside with William Thomas and  Abdul Wahab Aminu;however, Asim Pars and Jure Balazic double is good enough to contain them. Both teams have good outside shooters, so it is really difficult to figure out the overpowering side in terms of perimeter shooting. Considering the current downward form of Pinar Karsiyaka and the immediate need of Erdemir, I see great value in the spread on behalf of Erdemir.

Pick: Erdemir +7 @ 1.88

Good luck and Happy betting!

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    Thanks Erdemir for 7/22 FT performance from the line