Thursday, January 10, 2013

Caja Laboral - Besiktas

Caja Laboral Besiktas pick
Caja Laboral is going to host Besiktas Istanbul in a match which was declared as the game of the week by Euroleague. Caja Laboral gained a remarkable momentum by the arrival of coach Zan Tabak, so it is going to be a tough road match up for visiting Besiktas.

Besiktas lost its first 2 games in TOP 16.  The defeat against Olympiakos was somewhat inevitable;however, they could have had some chance against BC Khimki in Istanbul. Too many turnovers made by inexperienced Besiktas rotation was the main cause of BC Khimki victory achieved in the final quarter of the game. Today, Besiktas is going to face caja Laboral, one of the best teams in Euroleague in terms of their current form situation. Last week, only true center of the team Gasper Vidmar was on the bench, bu he wasn't risked due to his sprained ankle. On monday, he played against Ted Kolejliler, so he'll be on the court against Caja Laboral.

Caja Laboral has shone for Spanish basketball recently, but they didn't seem to replace the departing Mirza Teletovic and Pablo Prigioni. Nevertheless, they were awakened totally once head coach Zan Tabak was put in charge. Caja Laboral won 5 matches in a row with their new coach and showed some signals to return to those glory days. During this transformation, Andres Nocioni seems to take the leadership of the rotation.

Since it was declared as the game of the week, the game is supposed to be followed by many eyes.Besiktas head coach Erman Kunter is well aware of his rotations capabilities and limitations. Based on what we've seen so far in TOP 16, we pretty much have an idea of what his priorities are. Recently, he started to utilize different variations within the limits of his rotation. Not only the minutes allocated to each specific player differ, but also his starting line up varies,too. I'm more or less sure that avoiding heavy defeats are just as important as winning games, particularly on the road games. Given the current criticism his colleague Simone Pianigiani receives, He'is probably keen to stop Caja Laboral as much as he seeks to defeat them.

Besiktas is particuarly week in the paint. Last month, Caja Laboral ruined even deeper Anadolu Efes paint rotation, so they will undoubtedly create a lot of problems for Besiktas tonight. Maciej Lampe, Nemanja Bjelica and Tibor Pleiss are all big threats for visitors. To match them, Damir Markota and Cevher Ozer must put great deal of effort in the paint defense while being productive with decent outside scoring. Besiktas should also decrease the number of turnovers made in the previous two games. Caja Laboral victory is a highly likely outcome, but I find the spread is quite a tricky one.

The game of the week declaration(which head coach Kunter particulary emphasized in a press conference after Ted Kolejliler game) I expect a lot of resistence from Besiktas. Decreasing number of turnovers and increasing the perimeter shooting performance(especially from power forward position), Besiktas will try to confront Caja Laboral and at least to avoid a heavy loss. Coaching staff must be making a lot of average clause calculations for the remaining weeks.That's the reason that makes me try the spread with medium stakes.

Pick : Besiktas +11.5 @ 1.90
Stake: 5/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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  1. One shitty quarter fucked up everything. As soon as i noticed that Vidmar weren't risked, i figured that it was coming