Friday, January 4, 2013

Antalya Bsb. - Banvit

Antalya Banvit pick
In the opening game of Turkish Basketball league match day 14, Antalya Bsb. is going to host Banvit Bandirma.Every week, it becomes harder and harder for Antalya Bsb. to prevail within the league. Banvit defeated Galatasaray Medical Park in last week's most important match up and now they try to continue their streak in Antalya this saturday.

Antalya Bsb. had already had the weakest rotation of the league and now they became even weaker. Last week, Baris Guney who averaged 27 minutes with the team this season left Antalya and joined to Turk Telekom. In exchange, Antalya Bsb. signed Rahim Rizvanoglu who is expected to be part of the rotation this saturday. All the scoring burden of the team is on the shoulder of foreign players whom can not be expected to play at maximum efficiency over +35 minutes each. Literally, Antalya Bsb. is as good as relegated, but it is just not officially happened yet.

Normally, Banvit isn't a team that I'm so fancy about. However, this weekend's saturday schedule is somewhat awkward, so i better consider them for betting alternatives. Last weekend, they  managed to defeat Galatasaray Medical Park which wasn't surprising. They are usually good at home especialy against rival opponents. They show good concentration and perform relatively better when compared to their road performance against tough opponents.

Banvit Bandirma has a financial budget which is way over than the league average and high enough to compete head to head with giant teams of Istanbul. However, Banvit is totally lost when they are hosted by one of those big names. Not surprisingly,though, Banvit somehow turns into a wolf to slaughter when they catch an opponent in a difficulty just like Antalya Bsb. currently is. I personally criticize this attitude a lot which is the reason why i'm not so fancy about them. For instance, Banvit is beaten by Fenerbahce Ulker with 20 points handicap and this defeat was conceded when Fenerbahce Ulker was heavily exhausted by the tight schedule. On the other hand, against a similar opponent like Antalya Bsb. Banvit has recently smashed Hacettepe University on the road. So, these are just the reasons why i believe they aren't as competitive as they should be.

If we focus on Antalya Bsb. again, Banvit is superior to them in every aspect of the court. Vladimir Stimac and Chuck Davis in the paint, Kalin Lucas, Sammy Meija and Keith Simmons in the back court will dominate the hosts being refreshed by the rest of the young pieces of the rotation continuously. Antalya Bsb. is likely to present another honorable struggle, but they are unable to extend this effort throughout the game. Sooner or later, their guard is taken down. I hate double digit handicaps, so i'll lower it one point to make it a single digit one.

Pick: Banvit -9.5 @ 1.77

Good luck and happy betting!

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