Saturday, January 5, 2013

Aliaga Petkim - Royal Hali Gaziantep

Aliaga Petkim Royal Hali Gaziantep pick
Today was a terrible day in terms of betting. The curse which started by the last 2.5 half seconds of Olympiakos - Besiktas game's first quarter continued today. Idiots turned the ball over in the last 2.5 half second which Sloukas  punished with a 3 pointer and we lost our quarter spread betting. Saturday was even worse. I don't know whom I should be angry to most; either to Olin Edirne which couldn't defeat Tofas whose 3 main players were fouled out during the overtime or Erdemir which performed 7/22 from the FT line and f.cked up my spread betting. All in all, it was a terrible betting day which won't be so easy to recover from.

On sunday, there is going to be only one match between Aliaga Petkim and Royal Hali Gaziantep. Given their financial budget, Aliaga Petkim is the worst managed team in Turkish Basketball league. They spent enormous amount of money signing and waiving players;however, they still keep losing week by week. Royal Hali, on the other hand, suffered some transition period due to being fresh within the league, but they showed a great progress mainly with the signing of Joey Dorsey and the change of coaching in their bench. They managed to defeat critical opponents such as Hacettepe University and Antalya Bsb. to prevail in the league. Aliaga Petkim could be just another opponent to be eliminated to secure their placement. They'll do their best to obtain a victory on the road.

Aliaga Petkim is defeated 2 times in the last 3 matches. In both losses, Aliaga Petkim was swept by 30+ point margins. Playing on the road can't be an excuse to explain such heavy losses. Surely, Aliaga Petkim also seeks to compensate such losses with a victory against Royal Hali. Nevertheless, Aliaga Petkim is by no means a team to be relied on. Since they show such an inconsistent performance, game total betting is no better than flipping a coin.

My instincts tell me to be on the side of Royal Hali Gaziantep which is a far better team within their capacity. By the lead of Akeem Swann and Joey Dorsey, I don't think they'll easily surrender to pathetic Aliaga Petkim team. Given spread is quite all right to try.

Pick: Royal Hali Gaziantep +4.5 @ 1.88

Good luck and happy betting!

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