Friday, December 21, 2012

Turk Telekom - Ted Kolejliler

Turk Telekom Ted pick
I just noticed another interesting odd that I find it difficult to grasp. Turk Telekom and Ted Kolejliler are two teams of capital city Ankara, so there isn't going to be any sense of home-away for either side. Although the spread is set pretty even, i believe it has to be something with the past statistics of both sides.

Ted Kolejliler is having a fantastic season and they are quite in shape on the eve of confronting unpredictable Turk Telekom squad.  2 weeks ago, they had a decisive victory at home against strong Anadolu Efes squad. Consecutivelly after that game, Ted Kolejlier defeated Olin Edirne, another good team especially at home, on the road and Erdemir at home just 2 days ago. So, there is no need to mention how they have been performing recently.

Things on Turk Telekom side is completely the opposite. Turk Telekom lost 3 in a row. They had only 3 victories so far and 2 of them are achieved with only a point difference. The remaining victory is achieved against Olin Edirne in a game that went to overtime. In short, Turk Telekom isn't a team that enjoys straight - decisive victories. Their performance is heavily based on shooting performance rather than variety of offensive sets.

On the light of these facts, I believe there is great value in money line odds. Given the current form of the sides, It should be Ted kolejliler named as the favourite of this match up rather than home side Turk Telekom. All we have to do is to take advantage of this reasonable situation rather than complain about it. Visiting Ted Kolejliler with their greatly balanced inside-outside production should clinch a victory in this rival game. Jovo Stanejovic, Vanja Plisnic, Samuel Kirk Penney trio and the supporting role players around them are likely to dominate Turk Telekom squad with the sole leadership of D. Brown.

Pick : Ted Kolejliler ML @ 2.32

Good luck and happy betting!

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