Monday, December 31, 2012

Tofas - Anadolu Efes

Tofas Anadolu Efes pick
The last game of the year for Turkish Basketball league is scheduled between Tofas and Anadolu Efes tonight. Anadolu Efes is coming from Moscow with a heavy defeat and not long after are they going to seek to end the year with a victory. Tofas which owns its current record mostly to their home performance is likely to try repeating it.

After losing against Ted just in another monday game, Anadolu Efes didn't have any problems facing opponents in the domestic league. They have quite a deep rotation which forces head coach Oktay Mahmudi to lay down some of his foreign players each week. I couldn't find any info whom he is likely to excluded from the squad for tonight's match up. Last week, besides Josh Shipp, it was Jordan Farmar whom Mahmudi decided to provide some rest against Pinar Karsiyaka. Anadolu Efes managed to hit visitors only in the final quarter and won the game 71-65.

Although Tofas is considered one of the most unpredictable teams of this year, they've had a solid home performance so far. They won all their home games except they surrenderred Pinar Karsiyaka with a buzzer beater. Well, clearly, Tofas faced almost all tough teams on the road which is just another reason of this remarkably better home performance. However, this doesn't change the fact that they are better at home than away.

Last week, guard Can Altintig was injured against Aliaga Petkim. According to the latest news, he's able to play against Anadolu Efes tonight. Since Tofas has a limited rotation of only 8 players, the availability of all their players at hand is very essential. Tofas is also known to have suffered second half syndromes this year. They had apparent difficulties to extend their performance through all 4 quarters and lost some games due to declining performance especially in final quarters. Tonight, they'll face an experienced team which is capable of exploiting any mistake made during the game. Just as an another example, another team relying on home performance, Olin Edirne, pushed Anadolu Efes very well but they couldn't avoid losing possibly due to their inexperienced and tight rotation.

In a game scheduled at new year's eve when players might not be so willing to fight a lot, my pick is going to be on behalf of home side.

Pick : Tofas first half +5.5 @ 1.88

Good luck and happy betting!

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  2. Note that there is just another terrible Tofas performance in the second half as mentioned within the analysis