Monday, December 3, 2012

Tofas - Etha Engomis

Tofas Etha pick
The first time Eurochallenge cup participant Tofas is hosting Cyprus' team Etha Engomis on tuesday night. The home side is looking for a win before they visit Krka Novo Mesto next week for the decisive battle of Group A for them.

Visiting Etha Engomis lost its all games so far and they have no chance of qualification whatsoever. This is more like a touristic trip rather than an important match up for them. Tofas, on the other hand, has to win to take the things under control provided that Krka Novo Mesto also has a chance to win its game against Pinar Karsiyaka. Tofas suffered only defeats against group leader Pinar Karsiyaka, so their victory over Etha is once again a pretty likely outcome.

Since home side is that heavy favourites for this game, the bookies didn't even bother to announce money line odds. However, I personally find the full time spread to be a pretty risky pick. Tofas, despite beating Etha by 21 points margin, is known to struggle in the final quarters of the games. In fact, their head coach Tolga Ongoren recently commented on the issue that most of the losses they suffered they lost by final possession. They'll do their best to overcome this problem, he also added. Let me also add that last saturday, Tofas played a tough game against Banvit on the road. So, they don't have to bother heavily outscoring visiting Etha Engomis who'has already thrown in the towel.

When I checked this game, the first pick that came to my mind is to stake on half time spread. However, I couldn't find any bookie that makes it available for customers. Instead, I'm constrained to go for first quarter one. The first quarter pick on behalf of Tofas is just -5.5 points. I believe this is the safest pick to go for this match up. ( You can  go for Tofas half time spread as well, if you find any!)

Pick : Tofas first quarter handicap -5.5 @ 1.86

Pick : Tofas half time -8.5 @ 1.86

Good luck and happy betting!

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  2. great call my friend

    1. Thanks! but in the second quarter, they also proved my above point of how inconsistent they are!! Next week, watch out for their game against Krka! there will be great value there :)