Wednesday, December 12, 2012

s.Oliver Baskets Würzburg - Banvit BK Bandirma

Oliver Baskets Banvit Bandirma pick
Those two teams are going to play a vital match which will decide their fate in Eurocup 2012-2013 season. Either side who wins the game will automatically go trough to the next round.

Visiting side Banvit has been performing poorly in the recent weeks. Last week, they couldn't stop Valencia Basket in their home crowd and jeopardyzied their chance of qualification. If won at home, it would have been just enough for them to protect the double average clause agaist s.Oliver Baskets tonight. I'm sure that this is somethin they never expected at the first hand, so they'll try to compensate this it by defeating s.Oliver Baskets in this fatal game.

s.Oliver Baskets,on the other hand, showed some significant rising when they defeated Valencia Basket two weeks ago. That victory flourished their hopes of qualification again. Last week, they were in Ukraine challenging Azovmash Mariupol on the road and they managed to get victory out of there. These two consecutive victories restored their hopes of clarification before the final battle against Banvit tonight.

I watched Banvit when they were hosted by Fenerbahce Ulker on sunday afternoon. They were slaughtered by exhausted and wounded Fenerbahce Ulker team. I had expectations that Banvit could have even won that game, but they just disproved my assumptions. After consecutive losses of Valencia Basket and Fenerbahce Ulker, I don't think confronting s.Oliver Baskets on the road is going to be an easy task for them. Even the week before, they hardly defeated poor Azovmash Mariupol during the overtime. Hosts are the side with high motivation, so I expect a head to head game. I place my stakes for the handicaps on behalf of the home side.

(The handicaps when they were announced at first sight fluctuate greatly especially for Eurochallenge and Eurocup tournaments, that's why i postponed to publish a pick for this game to this morning rather than the last night. So that i could find more stable and advantageous spread)

Pick : s.Oliver Baskets +3.5 @ 1.82

Good luck and happy betting!

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