Friday, December 7, 2012

Royal Hali Gaziantep - Turk Telekom

Gaziantep Turk Telekom pick
League worst Royal Hali Gaziantep is hosting Turk Telekom in a crucial match up. They have recently replaced their head coach with Cem Akdag and facing Turk Telekom will be his first challenge as being in charge for Gaziantep team.

New coach Cem Akdag was supposed to lead his team last week against Fenerbahce Ulker, but his papers weren't ready, so he had to watch the game among the fans. During the week, he trained his team, so match up against Turk Telekom will be his first in a proper sense. Royal Hali has only one win achieved against Mersin Bsb. at home, so they look forward to add another one to rescue themselves from the bottom of the standings.

Turk Telekom, likewise Tofas, is just another team with quite tricky performance to guess within the league. In the first weeks of the league, they had no proper team offense, creating points based on individual performances each game. They also had some interesting stats such as attempting more 3 pts field goals than 2 pts ones, recording very low assits figures etc. In the past 2 weeks, they seemed to find the balance between inside and outside scoring. Recently, they added former Banvit player Lance Williams to the squad to strengthen their paint rotation. He'll definitelly add size to their defence. Gaziantep game will be his first wearing Telekom Jersey this season.

Although, it seems to be pretty even match up, I consider home side with their new trainer to be capable of winning this game. Royal Hali Gaziantep has decent package of foreign players. Charles Rhodes JR and Joey Dorsey are good pair of paint players while Jerome Collins is a player with high basketball IQ. Akeem Swann could provide both inside and outside scoring. They also have other decent pieces to complete the rotation. Daniel Brown in Turk Telekom is amazing player with great scoring. If stopped, visiting Telekom should look for other alternatives. I'm pretty sure Gaziantep will do everything to stop him, to stop Turk Telekom squad. They might have trouble finding alternative solutions which could bring their unbalanced performances back with a lot of perimeter shooting attempts. Last week, Turk Telekom managed to defeat Olin Edirne in a game that went to overtime. They could afford losing that one. Home side will definitelly be more higly motivated than Turk Telekom.

Pick : Royal Hali Gaziantep ML @ 1.78

Good luck and happy betting!

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  1. Daniel Harris Brown didn't score a single point at the first half. I hope he continues that way in the second half as well :)