Monday, December 31, 2012

Recap of December 2012

Dear Ofeek readers,

First of all, I would like to wish a happy new year to all of you.

Finally, we came to the end of december and it is time to evaluate our work once again. As i stated previously, I had the intention to keep the number of the picks presented in december lesser than those presented in November. Originally, I planned to write about roughly 8x4 = 32 picks in total;however, since the end of the month is overlapped by this weekend, we exceeded number of targeted picks by 2 and finished the month with 34 picks in total.

Of 34 picks presented, 19 wins and 15 losses were recorded. As we mentioned on the statistics page, once again all picks are to be evaluated with equal stakes. Therefore, they yield %6,1 net profit at the end of the month which brings us the second month in a row with positive profit.

The main reason why we suffered most losing picks(actually it is the same reason why I planned to reduce the number of the picks for december) was the existence of some non decisive schedules. Especially Besiktas and Anadolu Efes were already qualified in the first half of the december,so some unimportant outcomes occurred in their games. With an upward streak, we rapidly improved our record at the second half of the month and finished the month with positive profit again.

For January 2013, I intend to introduce different stakes for each pick presented. By leaving the single stake calculation, I hope we'll generate even higher yield at the end of the month. From the point of view of followers, you'll have a chance to evaluate our confidence over each pick and adjust your stakes accordingly. Since Euroleague Top 16 is already underway, Eurocup and Eurochallenge tournaments are about to kick off as well, I assume, there'll be approximatelly 40 picks presented here in January 2013.

Thanks for your growing interest proven by increasing daily traffic and popularity of the page.

Looking forward to see you here more often than ever in January 2013.

Keep following!

Ofeek Admin