Friday, December 7, 2012

Panathinaikos Athens - Fenerbahce Ulker Istanbul

Panathinaikos Athens Fenerbahce Ulker pick
Fenerbahce Ulker is going to be hosted by Panathinaikos in Athens tonight. After Mapooro Cantu created a miracle by defeating Real Madrid in Italy, Fenerbahce Ulker needs to win this game if they don't want to leave their fate to the final week of the group stage.

Honestly, I wouldn't have written anything about this match up. However, the latest news coming especially from Panathinaikos side made me change my mind. First of all, Mike Batiste was taken under arrest last night being accused of having tax debts. This morning, It turned out to be it was Panathinaikos club which had to pay money to Greek government rather than Mike Batiste himself. Another news is that Panathinaikos president Dimitris Giannakopoulos called a press conference and resigned from his job. He also made it public why coach Obradovic and some players left the team. Obviously, there is great turbulence in Panathinaikos club prior to this game.

Fenerbahce Ulker, on the other hand, hasn't secured the qualification yet in spite of their heavily invested rotation. Last week, they led the game all 3 quarters in Madrid away;however, home side Real Madrid took the control at the final quarter and created the margin once Fenerbahce Ulker lost the faith to the victory. Clearly, Fenerbahce Ulker shot too perfectly which covered their average offensive performance, but still the return of Bo McCalebb provided great momentum to the team. Today, they'll have another important game especially after Mapooro Cantu's victory yesterday.

In visiting side, Mike Batiste might be extra motivated by what happened at the airport last night. David Andersen had some intestinal infection during the week, but he is reported to play. Bo McCalebb is fully recovered, so he should be expected to give solid contribution tonight. Bojan Bogdanovic has also been on fire recently. Last week, Fenerbahce showed the will even though they lost the game. I think, they'll achieve what they need tonight.

Pick : Fenerbahce Ulker ML @ 2.50

Good luck and happy betting!

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