Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hacettepe University - Fenerbahce Ulker

Hacettepe University Fenerbahce Ulker pick
After having avoided the nightmares of eliminiation by defeating Mapooro Cantu 3 days ago, Fenerbahce Ulker is going to be hosted by league's worst Hacettepe University in Ankara for domestic league. Home side Hacettepe University is  clearly the weakest team at the league and each week they are one step closer to relegation this season.

Fenerbahce Ulker didn't perform as well as expected by its fans and basketball authorities. Given the quality of the roster established, everyone was agreed upon that they should have been dominating both in Euroleague and Turkish domestic league;however, things didn't go as planned. Fenerbahce Ulker hardly secured the qualification in the last week of Euroleague's first round while they didn't impress anyone in the domestic league either. Now the ticket to top 16 is at pocket, they could focus on defeating Hacettepe University on the road to gain some more confidence.

Hacettepe University is located at the bottom of the league. Although they do have 2 victories, they have recently performed poorly suffering consecutive losses. Their rotation is both tight and lack of quality, so they are usually loosened in the second half of the games. This sunday, they'll have hard time to confront Fenerbahce Ulker team with a morale at peak.

Home side Hacettepe University has serious problems especially in scoring. When faced to strong teams, they are stuck at very low points. Not to mention that they have very tight rotation, so they are usually outscored in the second half even if they do prevail in the beginning of the games. Things get better on Fenerbahce side. Last week, they defeated strong Banvit at home with 20 points. The week before Fenerbahce Ulker defeated Royal Hali Gaziantep, similar opponent to Hacettepe University, 69-87 on the road. Unless a miracle happens, home side doesn't stand a chance against Fenerbahce Ulker this sunday. Sooner or later, visitors would outscore their opponents.

Pick : Fenerbahce Ulker -13.5 @ 1.88

Good luck and happy betting!

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