Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CSKA Moscow - Besiktas

Cska Moscow Besiktas pick
In the opening game of Euroleague match day #9, Cska is going to host Besiktas in Moscow. Both teams are already qualified for top 16, so this game is considered to be a serious practice for upcoming weeks rather than a decisive one.

Visiting Besiktas team recorded 4/4 in the group stage which could be regarded as successful enough. They were defeated by Regal Barcelona twice, Cska Moscow at home and Partizan on the road. Especially losses against Barcelona and Cska were catastrophic where Besiktas was trailed by 20+ points in front of their home crowd. Losing against such elite teams didn't surprise anybody;however, no one expected to be crushed that hard either. So, in this game, Erman Kunter's squad will try to show better performance on the court.

Cska Moscow, after having lost the last year's final with a final offense alley hoop, takes things more seriously this year. They own the most expensive roster of the Euroleague and to reach their aim, they shouldn't differ one game from another. In fact, they just proved it at Istanbul where they didn't loosen their defence until the final Besiktas offense. They were so focused that Andrey Vorontsevich, if I remember correctly, made a lay up even after Besiktas players stopped playing during final seconds. He was heavily protested by his behavior and needed to apologize for that afterwards.Thursday's game isn't expected to be any different.

Besiktas is averaging 70.3 points per game in Euroleague. However, they managed to score only 60 points against Regal Barcelona where they played 2 terrific quarters or better to say a decent half time. However, Barcelona hardened its defense in the second half, allowing Besiktas to score only 24 points in the second half. Cska is just as good defender as Barcelona is, so they try not to leave open spaces for Besiktas players for easy scoring. The given game total for Besiktas is 65 points. I don't think visitors could exceed that.

Pick: Besiktas JK under 65 points @ 1.90

Good luck and happy betting!

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