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Besiktas Istanbul - Khimki Moscow Region

Besiktas Khimki pick
The opening week of Euroleague TOP 16 is going to start with Besiktas hosting BC Khimki Moscow in Istanbul. Home side Besiktas achieved 5 victories in the previous stage by defeating all teams but CSKA and Barcelona at home while collecting two more victories on the road. Visiting Khimki won 6 of their 10 games before coming to Top 16 this year. Either side will gain an advantage by starting to this longer group stage with a victory.

Home side Besiktas had a fantastic season last year by triumphs at all cups they participated. The unforgettable triplet of domestic league, cup and Eurochallenge title had everyone set the expectations higher and higher for this season. However, the team suffered a sponsor problem last summer as the club couldn't find any company to replace once Milangaz decided not to renew the deal with the club. Such disappointment occurred without a doubt;however, fans started to look to the future more hopefully as soon as former Besiktas legend Erman Kunter who spent about 10 years coaching in France took over the duty of head coach. Despite the financial issues and its corresponding effects on the establishment of new look Besiktas rotation, With the energy and spirit he brought in, the team clinched the qualification to TOP 16 much earlier than expected. Although, everyone thinks this is as far as Besiktas team goes, he stated that the real competition just starts by now.

BC Khimki promoted to Euroleague this year as the champion of last years Eurocup tournament. Likewise Besiktas, they do play in a higher level competition where they firmly seek to establish themselves. In fact, their performance in the first group stage somewhat proves it. They achieved 6 victories out of 10 games, being placed at the second seed right after Real Madrid in group A. Proceeding to TOP 16 from the second place of Group A, I'm pretty sure that they look for achieving even more, possibly until to the quarter finals. To work towards that goal, confronting Besiktas on the road is the first challenge they need to face.

For this game, the spread is set more or less leveled. So, it means it is pretty tough to make a side betting. Besiktas achieved 3 victories out of 5 games played at home. Defeats against strong CSKA and Barcelona were no surprises, while they heavily dominated Partizan and Brose Baskets at home. Visiting BC Khimki Moscow statistics tell us that they lost 4 of its 5 games on the road, including a loss against Fenerbahce Ulker in Istanbul. They have lost only twice at russian league within 8 games, which is important to note that both defeats took place when Khimki was on the road. BC Khimki is neither as weak as Brose Baskets or Partizan nor as strong as CSKA Moscow or Barcelona Regal. In other words, Besiktas hasn't faced a team of that level so far.

Zoran Planinic is the key player for BC Khimki. He is strikingly tall for a point guard position and he also has long arms which make him quite difficult to be guarded. Curtis Jerrels is the leading scorer of Besiktas. He is a point guard with a amazing first step when penetrating into the area. Both players are expected to create trouble for their opponents. Besiktas recently signed guard Daniel Ewing and center Cemal Nalga to reinforce their rotation. Ewing will provide scoring especially when Curtis Jerrells is at the bench. Cemal Nalga is intended to provide some breathing time for indispensable Gasper Vidmar in the paint. BC Khimki has quality players such as Kresimir Loncar and Paul Davis whom they possibly try to produce scoring in the paint. Sergey Monya is strong power forward who is capable of providing outside shooting. Therefore, Falker and Nalga should their best  when Vidmar is at the bench. Home side Besiktas as usual will count on its perimeter scoring potential to take the lead. Patrick Christopher and Cevher Ozer who have recently gained some rhythm offensively will do their best to help scoring as well. Vitaly Fridzon will do his best to create open 3 pts shoot possibilities for visiting Khimki Moscow.

Given the poor away performance of BC Khimki Moscow, I believe staking on behalf of Besiktas is worth to risk. As I stated above, this is the beginning of the period the entire squad has been looking forward to. TOP 16 is the showcase where players like Curtis Jerrells, Gasper Vidmar, Damir Markota etc. are expected to take advantage in order to receive better contracts in the upcoming years. I find a considerably high odd which I can't resist. With the support of home crowd, Besiktas is likely to start to the season with a victory. At least, the odds are just too reasonable to try.

Pick : Besiktas ML @ 2.34

Good luck and Happy betting!

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    19 turnovers decided the fate of the game.