Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Banvit - Valencia Basket

Banvit Valencia pick
Banvit Bandirma is preparing to host Valencia Basket on wednesday evening where the hosts will look to obtain the first spot in Group D of Eurocup 2012-2013 season. This game is particularly crucial because S.Oliver Baskets is just one victory behind, so a possible loss against Valencia Basket might put Banvit's qualification into risk.

Banvit has had one of the best seasons in the recent years. They've lost only against Anadolu Efes in the domestic league and against Valencia Basket in a match up. Especially in that defeat in Valencia, the referees made some controversial judgments that strongly affected to the final result. I, personally have never seen such easy foul giving referees before. That night, one way or another, home side Valencia Basket won the game and started to Eurocup group stage with a victory.

Valencia Basket had a surprising defeat against s.Oliver Baskets last week. They have injured players which I presume had major effect on this criticial defeat. That victory of s.Oliver's must have made their hopes of qualification flourished again, so winning tomorrows match up for both Banvit and Valencia becomes even more important.

I watched live the first game very carefully and I remember, though I must admit to have surprised a lot that time, Banvit managed to play head to head with Valencia until referees interfered with cheap technical fouls awarded on behalf of Valencia Basket. Those two fouls changed the balance of the game against Banvit and Valencia took the lead only at the 3rd quarter. A few weeks ago, I heard from the media that the referees of the first match were under investigation as a result of their unfair judgement on the first game. I don't know whether or not any action was taken against them;however, Banvit coaching staff and players must have heard it,too, if even i heard it. I'm sure they will be heavily motivated to take the revenge of the 1st game.

One other important point to consider is that Valencia Baskets traveled to Turkey without Stefan Markovic, Vitor Faverani and Serhiy Lishchuk. If you look at here, you can see how much those three players contributed to Valencia team in the first game. So, their absence is no brainer an important fact while evaluating this game. Banvit BK hasn't yet lost any game at home, so considering s.Oliver Baskets is also back in the business, I'm sure they'll hope to keep that statistics that way, at least one more week. With the home court advantage and support of their crowd, Banvit is closer side to victory than Valencia is.

Pick : Banvit ML @ 1.72

Good luck and happy betting!

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