Saturday, December 1, 2012

Antalya Bsb. - Mersin Bsb.

Antalya Mersin pick
Teams of two geographically neighboring cities face each other in an interesting game on saturday afternoon. Antalya Bsb. who achieved a crucial victory against TED on the road last week hosts Mersin Bsb. which is just another team that is in need of victory.

Antalya made the biggest surprise of last weekend by defeating this year's impressive team Ted Kolejliler on the road. I don't remember the odds but i suspect ML odds for Antalya Bsb. victory wasn't any lower than 8.0. They shot incredibly well behind the arc with hitting 10 of 18 3pts shoots. Home side TED kolejliler performed also well but they were just terrific. That was a lottery victory for Antalya Bsb. team which tries to prevail in the league with their extremelly limited rotation. Their rotation is so tight that 43 of their 46 first half points were scored by three american players, all of who played almost 20 minutes each. The only other contribution was the buzzer beating 3 points shot made by Baris Guney at the last possession of the half.

Mersin Bsb. didn't perform well so far due to both their chemistry problems and their schedule forcing them to play all their games on the road. Last week, I expected them to show some character against exhausted Galatasaray Medical Park and they indeed didn't mislead me. Well, they still lost the game with double digits, but the determined spread by bookies was much bigger, so they were successful against it. In fact, they have quite a decent rotation that they could rise provided they find the right chemistry within the team. Antalya Bsb. could be just the right opponent to challenge.

Antalya Bsb.'s last week victory was almost a miracle. Baris Guney who made the only basket among the domestic players scored 4/5 shoots behind the arc at the second half. Another domestic guard Reha Oz also contributed in double digits, all scored at the second half as well. I find it very unlikelly for home side Antalya Bsb. team to perform so outstandigly as a team. Couple of weeks ago, I wrote here that Antalya Bsb. was set to sign former Banvit center Lance Williams. However, Williams chose Turk Telekom instead, by financial reasons. So, Antalya Bsb. missed a great opportunity to strengthen their rotation at the paint. In Mersin Bsb, in contrast, recent signing Willie Solomon seems to find his rythm each week. Last weekend, he scored 15 points against Galatasaray Medical Park. He could be a key player for his team against Antalya Bsb. this saturday. Ali Karadeniz is another player that makes a difference on the court.

In a similar match up, Mersin Bsb. defeated Hacettepe University just 2 weeks ago. Their loss handed in by strong Galatasaray Medical Park doesn't set an example before Antalya Bsb. game. I don't expect Antalya Bsb. to repeat such a legendary offensive performance twice in a row. Although, I consider visiting Mersin Bsb. victory quite probably, I prefer to exploit the handicap to be on the safe side. Those who might want to risk and increase the potential profit could go straight for ML.

Pick : Mersin Bsb. +4.5 @ 1.88

Good luck and happy betting!

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    Those who wanted to increase profit and picked the ML as suggested above profited %155 while those who were at the safe side profited %88