Sunday, December 16, 2012

Anadolu Efes - Mersin Bsb.

Anadolu Efes Mersin Bsb pick
10th match day of Turkish Basketball league is set to be completed with a game between Anadolu Efes and Mersin Bsb. Anadolu Efes less than 3 days after visiting Zalgiris in Kaunas needs to host Mersin Bsb. who is coming towards to the end of their long road trip.

In fact, visiting Mersin Bsb. played all its previous games on the road due to the maintenance of their home arena. This situation definitelly affected their performance especially at the first games of the league this season. They suffered consecutive losses because of not only court disadvantage but also reorganization within the squad such that Mersin Bsb. achieved their first victory in 6th match day. I always mentioned here that they do have a decent rotation better than the league average;however, it just couldn't pay off yet due to required road trip that still continues. Recently, things seem to get better for Mersin Bsb. when the team enjoyed two wins in a row.

Anadolu Efes played against Zalgiris Kaunas only 3 days ago where they were beaten pretty bad. They did secure qualification to Euroleague top 16;however, they are not able to play as well as everyone thinks they should. While they underachieved in some games in euroleague, Anadolu Efes also struggled serious concentration problems in the domestic league, too. This monday, Anadolu Efes is going to host Mersin Bsb.; a team with some decent momentum gained recently.

Although, Anadolu Efes has a deep rotation, such advantage sometimes does bring some side effects as well. In Euroleague, they are allowed to utilize as many foreign players as they wish, but in the domestic league, they are restrained to only 3, so Anadolu Efes needs to rely on players who don't receive many minutes in regular european competition. Such a difference in playing rotation cause the team to have a totally different chemistry when competing for the domestic league. Adding up the concentration problems of regular starters to such required adjustment, Anadolu Efes often is found to struggle against opponents whom nominally they are supposed to be beating very easily, at least according to the statisticians of bookies!

Mersin Bsb. is in better condition than ever right now. They had only 3 victories;however, two of those 3 were achieved consecutivelly in the previous weeks. 3 weeks ago, they were hosted by Galatasaray Medical Park and they lost by 11 points. Anadolu Efes squad is tired because they confronted Zalgiris Kaunas less than 72 hours ago. Given the current form graph of visitors, I don't think they'll find it a piece of cake to defeat Mersin Bsb. One quick remark; Ted Kolejliler realized the biggest surprise of previous match day by defeating Anadolu Efes last monday.

Pick : Mersin Bsb. +14.5 @ 1.88

Good luck and happy betting!

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