Sunday, November 4, 2012

Turk Telekom - Aliaga Petkim

Aliaga Petkim finished the last season, acquiring the last spot to join to the playoffs in Turkish Basketball League. This success was beyond what was originally targeted in the beginning of the season; therefore, it brought a lot of excitement also for 2012-2013 season.This years squad was established by spending the highest amount of money in the club's history. Investment was intended to make particularly Eurochallenge cup which the club obtained to participate for the first time;however, the disappointing performance and elimination in the qualifying stage brought dark clouds above the team.

Aliaga Petkim didn't start to season as well as it was hoped, with only one victory at home and losing the last two games. Some radical decisions have recently been made. Branislav Ratkovica and Taquan Dean's contracts were terminated. Recently, the team did two additions, signing Lionell Devanna Chalmers and Caner Sentürk to reinforce the squad. Lastly, Tu Holloway was also compromised to sign with the squad in principle. He is expected to join to the team next week.

Turk Telekom, as stated in past weeks, has relativelly more modest squad this year. They also have a record of  1/3 likewise Aliaga;however,They record quite inconsistent performances so far in the league. Last week, when they lost against Karsiyaka on the road, they held on to their perimeter shooting, shooting 11/24 behind the 3 point arc, whereas they made only 29 2pts field goal attempts. Even more statistic is their free throw figures. Turk Telekom is only 1/1 in the line after 40 minutes!!! It is very hard to express the teams offensive strategy and playing style using any basketball literature properly.

Having allowed their opponents to score 92 points and losing miserably,  Aliaga Petkim ought have learned that without defensive efforts, it is not so easy to win a game. Turk telekom is a team whose offense is mostly based on shooting. Aliaga Petkim, on the other hand, has a great center, Torin Jamal Francis. They would definitelly organize their offensive sets through him when playing against Turk Telekom. They better also focus on perimeter defense when Turk Telekom has the possession of the ball. Careful offense with a controlled tempo should be What Aliaga Petkim is expected to appreciate. This attitude would very likely bear a low scoring game at the end.

Pick : Under 151.5 @ 1.88

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