Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trefl Sopot - Galatasaray Medical Park

Trefl Sopot Galatasaray basketball pick

Galatasaray Medical Park starts to its Eurocup adventure against Trefl Sopot who will have its Eurocup debut tomorrow night. Trefl Sopot is newly established team which was runner's up in Tauron Basket Liga last year and they  will step into European competions scene hosting one of the biggest favourites of this tournament.

Honestly, I don't know much about home side as it's been only Prokom Gdynia quite a while that rang a bell to me when i heard of Polish Basketball. When I looked it up some information about them online, I noticed their coach, who is in very early stages of his career, is a familiar face. Zan Tabak played for Fenerbahe in late 90's; in the times that it was an exciting event whenever a NBA player used to come to play in Turkish league. Since, Trefl Sopot  was finalist in Tauron Basket Liga last year and leading team currently, they can't be a totally weak team anyway.

Galatasaray Medical Park is in its top shape, placed at the top seed of Turkish Basketball League currently. Last week, they defeated Anadolu Efes by a sensational performance, leading almost the entire game on the road. This year , Galatasaray signed a three year contract with coach Ergin Ataman who won Eurochallenge cup with Besiktas Jk last year. They signed important players such as Henry Domercant, Boniface N'dong, David Hawkins, Milan Macvan, Jamont Gordon, all of which are very elite names in European Basketball scene. They have only one player unavailable, young guard Göksenin Köksal, whose main strength is his capability to defend opponent's key offensive names. I don't think, they will miss his absence for this game.

As stated above, I do have respect for Trefl Sopot;nevertheless, they are far from being considered an equal match given Galatasaray Medical Park's current form and rotation quality. Since, Galatarasaray will definitelly aim to win Eurocup this season, I expect them to take each game quite seriously, starting from this one. Therefore, I expect a clear away win here, where a double digit winning margin is quite likely to happen. The spread against Galatasaray will definitelly increase, so I urge those who plan to stake to take it as soon as possible.

Pick : Galatasaray Medical Park -7.5 @ 1.9

Good luck and Happy Betting!

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