Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tofas - Pinar Karsiyaka

This is the second time two teams will be facing each other again. 3 days ago, Karsiyaka played against Tofas on the road and they lost with a buzzer beating three point shot after a game that went to the overtime with a final score of 80-80. Tonight, Karsiyaka will visit Tofas again, this time in the Eurochallenge scene,though.

Karsiyaka squad was reestablished this year, having invested the biggest amount of money in the recent years. The reason of spending is not only league but also to achieve something in Eurochallenge. The team performs constantly in the domestic league, almost every year finishing the regular season in top 6 seeds, after heavily sponsored big clubs. Karsiyaka also played in Eurochallenge quarter finals 2 years ago, having eliminated by Russian team petersburg. The team in the domestic league is 3/4 now and the expectations in Eurochallenge cup is also high this year.

Tofas had rough times in the league so far;but; beating Karsiyaka with the last offense shot might have brought them some moral improvement. Their rotation when compared to Karsiyaka is much tighter; therefore, they will definitelly have trouble to play multiple games within short period. Last year, they managed to qualify for Eurochallenge in the last minute, so they'll do their best to advance as further as possible in this tournament.

As I just said, Karsiyaka lost last saturday's game with an unexplicably unlucky shot which you can see above. From time to time, they took command of the game, however, Tofas was too superior behind the arc, shooting with %50 in 3 points shoots. Young point guard Kenan Sipahi played 5/6 three point shoots made, which I presume might be his career best performance. The other point guard Steven Burtt who played almost the entire game with 39:22 minutes also scored 5/9 3 points behind the arc. You can see how well Tofas performed in terms of shooting. Karsiyaka played more balanced offensive game, scoring from both outside the area and inside the paint, as well as from the line.

Tonight, given the tight rotation and their top performance as a team, I don't expect Tofas to repeat such a miracle again. This time, the match up is expected to play in total control of Karsiyaka, probably leading the score during entire game. The Money line odds are quite satisfactory. I expect a clear Karsiyaka win on the road to start to their Eurochallenge adventure well.

Pick : Pinar Karsiyaka ML @ 1.87

Good luck and Happy betting!

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