Friday, November 2, 2012

Tofas SC. - Pinar Karsiyaka

Two turkish teams who also participate in Eurochallenge cup face each other on saturday afternoon. In fact, this is the first one of two consecutive games, because on tuesday, those teams will play again, but this time for Eurochallenge scene.

Visitors Pinar Karsiyaka is currently one of the hottest teams in turkish league. They are 3/3 so far which includes a decisive victory attained against defending champion Besiktas Jk, 2 weeks ago. The newly established squad performs well both in offensive and defensive end, mainly thanks to the contribution of their young american players. They haven't received enough contribution from Turkish players in the rotation but when they do, Pinar Karsiyaka will certainly be even more dangerous team. So far, they've played all their three games at home, so meeting Tofas will be their first game on the road this season.

Tofas started to the season with 1/3 record, defeating only suffering Mersin Bsb at home. They are very young squad and they try to establish their team chemistry, distribute the roles within the team and stabilize their playing mentality. Last week, I watched them live against Besiktas Jk. They have problems especially in offensive playmaking. They don't get enough contribution from their american point guard Steven Burtt. To show how serious this problem is, one can look at their assist figures. They finished last game with a team total of 7 assists!!! The turkish point guards are young and inexperienced. Their only offensive set is to get the ball on the hands of Tomislav Ruzic and let him score points. Therefore, they try to hold on their defence instead.

Straighforward thinking, Pinar Karsiyaka is obvious favourite here. However, given the fact that this is Karsiyaka's first game on the road this year, Tofas shouldn't be underestimated as they do need to have a victory as well. Probably bookies think the same way too such that they set an handicap of only +/- 3.5 points between teams. Here, I would like to have your attention to the game total bets. In none of Tofas' games, the total of 157 points have been reached. In the Turkish cup games played in the beginning of october, the highest points scored in any of Tofas' games was 140 points only. Given the offensive problems of hosts, I expect them to pay attention to their defensive toughness,if they were to win this game. Pinar Karsiyaka wouldn't push so hard to accelerate the tempo either, considering they play on the road.

Pick : Game Total Under 157.5 @ 1.88

Good luck and Happy betting!

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    Tofas scored 12 3pts shoots with %58. Karsiyaka also scored 12 3pts shoots with %47.