Monday, November 5, 2012

The recap of the week (29.10.12 - 05.11.12)

Dear Ofeek Basketball readers,

It's time to evaluate this week's picks and performance again.

Although we started to the week with 2 NBA previews, my focus will be the bets starting from 1st of november because, we started to keep record of our picks on a monthly basis, starting from this month. Therefore, I'll omit those NBA picks in the below lines.

November didn't start well for us as we stuck by a very bad streak. Our first pick was based on the idea that  last year's final four participant would have prevailed against Fenerbahce on the road ;however, they already had lost so much of quality as a result of budget restrictions due to the financial recession in Greece. Therefore, Panathianikos couldn't hold on as we hoped and we lost this pick.

Our following pick was regarding the performance of Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka. He had fantastic preseason, having averaged 16 points per game. We also analyzed his performance in San Antonio Spurs games ( Remember Thunder defeated Spurs in the playoffs last year) and came to the conclusion that Serge Ibaka was eager to overcome his scoring points pick that night. He had a terrible performance, shooting 2/8-9 something and being able to make only 4 points.

The next day, Besiktas Jk was to host Russian Champion Cska Moscow at home. We expected Besiktas Jk's not to surrender easily, if not able to win the game. Cska Moscow which was Euroleague's worst team in 3 pts shooting performance until that game, scored  9/15 behind the arc. ( It was something like 9/11 until the mid 4th quarter!!!) Besiktas Jk was swept out.

At the same game, we put our money on Damir Markota's points scoring performance. The line was over/under 7.5 points. He easily scored 8.

During the weekend, we were hopeful to get things turn around. To achieve it, we picked a total points bet in Tofas-Karsiyaka game. Tofas, whose games didn't produce more than 140 points in total yet, performed unexpectedly well behind the arc. The game ended 80-80, going to the overtime. The final score was 95-94, totaling 189 points. Can you imagine that even 5 minutes overtime period beared 29 points in total, almost an all star performance.

The same day, there was one pick which I was extremely sure. Royal Hali Gaziantep defeated poorly performing Mersin Bsb, winning for the first time in the league. In the same night, Nba's new team Brooklyn Nets had its season premiere. They couldn't make the handicap we expected and it was another loss for us.

Finally today, there were two open picks presented by Ofeek Basketball. Turk Telekom - Aliaga game went  under just as we expected. Aliaga also won the game on the road. We already mentioned that if they wanted to win, they should have defended well, and they indeed did. The last pick of the week was probably the biggest unluck of the week. Besiktas Jk couldn't stay in handicap, acting inexplicably poor in the last offense and not being able to defend a shot in final 5 seconds.

In short, November didn't start well for all of us, but we are confident that sooner or later this bad streak will end.

See you with new picks in the near future.

Ofeek Admin

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