Saturday, November 3, 2012

Royal Hali Gaziantep - Mersin Bsb.

This is a game between two teams none of which managed to win in Turkish Basketball League so far. Royal Hali Gaziantep is a new team of league which looks for its first victory in front of its home crowd. As we mentioned before, Mersin Bsb. has its arena under renovation so they keep playing their games on the road.

Gaziantep started to the season with a disappointing loss against Olin in the first match day of the season. A week later, they hosted Erdemir where they controlled the game till the final minutes of fourth quarter and eventually surrenderred to the experience of Erdemir by 75-78. Last week, they lost against Ted Kolejliler which wasn't a surprise because Ted is a quite dominant team especially at the paint. Playing against them on the road is never easy for such a mediocre caliber team like Gaziantep. Today, they'll play their second home game, this time playing with an opponent that they definitelly have a shot to obtain their first victory in the league.

Those who remember the post regarding Fenerbahce - Mersin Bsb. pick, I wrote very positive things about Mersin. However, they totally disappointed me when they were swept by Fenerbahce in the second half. The main reason why Mersin was beaten was the unprofessional behaviour of center  John Edward Prince which caused him to be sent off the match. He was the rebound leader of his team till that minute. After he left the game,  They were outrebounded. Today, he is suspended and he won't play. Mersin Bsb. made another addition to the squad, guard Willie Solomon. He trained with the team a few times. However, no one knows whether or not he is in a shape to play.

In Gaziantep side, pointguard Andre Jerome Collins is finished his treatment and back from Usa. Whether or not he plays is a game time decision. I expect the coach to use him if he is badly needed during the game because he is reported to have trained with the team, during the week.

Although it is a game of teams who aren't organized enough, I see the home side closer to the victory today. I watched Mersin Bsb. being beaten against Fenerbahce and I can clearly say that in terms of defensive presence and rebounding, the absence of Prince is crucial. Besides that, Mersin Bsb. seems to have some other organizational issues as well. I don't take Gaziantep's loss against Ted last week seriously because it wasn't a target game for them. I'm sure they've been waiting for this matchup for days. It is a close match up;however, given the absence of prince and home court advantage of Gaziantep, I see the home side closer to earn their first victory today.

Pick : Royal Hali Gaziantep ML @ 1.72

Good luck and Happy betting!

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