Friday, November 30, 2012

Recap of November 2012

turkish basketball november 2012 yield
Ofeek basketball started to present picks in the second half of October. We started to keep our statistics for the first time during November 2012. During the month, 42 picks were presented on those pages. Although, we started to the month terribly, with a couple of bad streaks, things got much better in the second half of the month where we improved our record remarkably.

Of 42 picks presented, 24 wins and 18 losses were recorded. As we mentioned on the statistics page, all picks are evaluated with equal stakes. Therefore, they yield %7,7 net profit at the end of the month which is not a bad performance at all.

In december, we'll continue to present picks here. However, european competitions come to the end of the first stages with a lot of the teams we focus on having qualified already. Therefore, I intend to reduce the number of total picks each week. 42 picks were little bit many. Ideally, I'll try to limit weekly amount of picks to 8, totalling to 32 picks during entire december. Hopefully, with lesser picks, we'll reach a better yield at the end of the month.

Thanks for following this page so far as daily traffic increases day by day.

Looking forward to see you more often in the next month as well.

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Ofeek Admin.