Saturday, November 24, 2012

Olin Edirne - Anadolu Efes

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Olin Edirne is one of the teams with a low budget within the league and they'll host an expensive opponent on sunday aftenoon in Edirne. Anadolu Efes is coming after a heavy loss handed in by Olympiakos during the week. So, they'll try to recover this loss by defeating Olin Edirne.

Olin Edirne doesn't have much exciting players in their rotation; however, they do perform well at home from time to time. Edirne is a small city, so basketball brings enough excitement to public especially when they are visited by an elite team such as Anadolu Efes. Last week, they lost against Aliaga Petkim 85-80 in an overtime result. Hosts started the game dominating Olin Edirne especially at the first half. Nevertheless, visiting Olin Edirne managed to come back and took the game to the overtime. Aliaga Petkim with the homecourt advantage achieved a critical victory against a team whom they could find themselves competing against relegation later on. Anadolu Efes, on the other hand, is having some trouble in Euroleague to qualify for top 16 as there are many teams trying to achieve the same thing in Euroleague's group C. It's always hard for them to focus on domestic games especially right after defeats in Euroleague.

Stanko Barac is back one week earlier than he was presumed to be back. He received some minutes last thursday, so Anadolu Efes is once again full squad after 4-5 weeks. Probably Esteban Batista is again excluded from the rotation provided that Barac is available. Olin Edirne recently signed Branislav Ratkovica from Aliaga Petkim. He definitelly increased their backcourt depth. Another point guard Mehmet Yagmur is also in shape, having scored 22 points last weekend. He knows how to play such games as he collected the league title with Besiktas last year. Both players will have crucial roles to carry the scoring burden of home side.

In conclusion, visiting Anadolu Efes with their quality roster probably wins this game, but i don't expect Olin Edirne to surrender that easily. Last weekend, Anadolu Efes swept away a similar team Turk Telekom in the second half when their deep rotation made the difference. Confronting Olin Edirne is tougher task especially at their home arena. Unless they shoot terribly behind the arc, I expect them to grab hold of scoring in the first half. Half time spread on behalf of hosts is quite reasonable to take.

Pick : Olin Edirne +8.5 @ 1.88

Good luck and happy betting!

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    For some reason, Sasha Vujacic and Jordar Farmar didn't come to Edirne, so it's been easier than even i thought it would :)

    Easy WON