Saturday, November 3, 2012

- "Hello Brooklyn!"

Brooklyn Nets finally opens the NBA season against Raptors in newly built Barclays Center, Brooklyn. After having bough by russian owner Prokhorov, New Jersey Nets moved to New York's Brooklyn area. All the fans were very tense with the rumours whether or not superstar point guard Deron Williams would resign with the team. Eventually, Deron Williams made his mind, saying "Hello Brooklyn" for the next five years when he put a paper to a contract worth 98 million dollars.

After Deron Williams situation finalized, Brooklyn Nets spent the offseason looking for trades to establish team as a title contender. Joe Johnson from Atlanta Hawks has been traded by sending bunch of rotation players to Atlanta along with some draft picks. Nets also chased a trade to bring also Dwight Howard to Brooklyn, but their offer was not accepted by Magic. Later, they were binded to resign Brooke Lopez and Kris Humpries. Gerald Wallace whose contract also ended was released as a free agent. However, his intention to resign with the team had already been declared. So, he also stayed being Nets. After all those strategic movements, Nets managed to keep talented rookie Marshoon Brooks as well.

Toronto Raptors started to the season losing against Indiana at home, with a buzzer beater. New addition Kyle Lowry shone with 21 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists ;however, this contribution didn't help Raptors win the game. Rookie Valanciunas also performed well, starting to his Nba career with a double double. Despite their excellent preseason records, Toronto Raptors couldn't manage to start to the season with a victory.

Tonight, it is going to be a ,delayed, not only a season opener but also a first game for home team. Due to hurricane Sandy,  Brooklyn Nets game against Knicks was postponed, therefore, their meeting with their fans was little bit delayed. The excitements are high and the fans expect a lot from this newly built Nets team. Just like Knicks performed outregeously aggressive against Heat, I expect Nets performing the same against Toronto. Raptors is just another team which strives to prove themselves, but considering the above stated facts, I don't think this is going to be a night they are allowed to make some noise around. Highly motivated Nets certainly look forward to hit visitors from the first minute. Toronto, despite their preseason record, didn't seem to be fully ready for the season. They had a terrible road record, winning only 10 games during the entire season. They might improve things maybe in the future, but tonight is definitelly not that night. I expect a sensational Nets victory with a double digit margin.

Pick : Brooklyn Nets -9.5 @ 2.6

Good luck and Happy betting!

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