Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Galatasaray Medical Park - Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar

Galatasaray Medical Park Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar pick
Those who follow this page will remember that last week I mentioned the difficult circumstances Galatasaray Medical Park faced before actually facing Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar team. Due to unforeseen problems, Galatasaray Medical Park was handed a slaughtering defeat by a margin of 25 points. Same Galatasaray Medical Park team will look for a revenge at Abdi Ipekci arena tomorrow night when Lokomotiv Kuban visits them for the 4th match day of Eurocup 2012-2013 season.

Today, I watched a video interview of Galatasaray Medical Park head coach Ergin Ataman and I decided to analyze this pick based on what he said when asked about the pre match conditions of the first match up rather than focusing on technical analysis of the teams. When the eurocup schedule was drawn, Galatasaray had trouble finding a suitable hotel in Krasnodar city due to a clash with an agriculture fair organized yearly. Since, all the hotels were fully booked, the one they found was located 50 minutes ride from the airport and 1:45 hours ride from the arena the game was to be played. They were originally to fly to Krasnodar on Monday but after waiting 5 hours at the airport, their plane didn't take off due to foggy weather in the destination. The next day, tuesday, their plane took off, but couldn't land in Krasnodar when reached there and they had to head back to Istanbul. They only made their way to Krasnodar in the morning of match day,wednesday, and finally Galatasaray Medical Park team reached there 1 p.m in the afternoon.( Local time at Krasnodar is 2 hours ahead of that of Istanbul) Concurrently with all these flying problems, Galatasaray Medical Park basketball management asked for game to be postponed 1 day, but this request was declined continuously. Upon arrival, they requested at least a few hours postponement of game by putting forward the hotel situation. It was declined again. As a result, they were forced to play the game without any training, resting and Galatasaray Medical Park suffered a heavy defeat. This was their only loss so far this season and Galatasaray didn't lose to Lokomotiv Kuban but to abnormal conditions.

Those details are exactly what coach Ergin Ataman expressed in a special video interview. On the return leg of such unfair match up, you can imagine how much Galatasaray Medical Park is expected to be motivated. He is a trainer, he personally expresses, who disciplines his team even after an innocent loss but he didn't take any action but said it doesn't matter. So, knowing him as a coach, he must be prepared to get some pay back. At the end of the video interview, He also invited fans to the arena to create as much harsh athmosphere as possible for visiting Krasnodar team.

Home side is a full roster available without any injuries at present. It's almost impossible for them to finish this group at the leading spot, but they should show how competent they are to aim the Eurocup 2012-2013 title. Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar is a good team;however, I don't think they are that good whenn facing a serious opponent on the road. As long as they are not beaten worse than 25 points spread, it wouldn't be so vital for them. Under the given circumstances, I expect home side to win the game, covering the spread. Let me add that Galatasaray Medical Park defeated Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar 93-83 on 21.09.12 in 7th International Banvit TUBAD Tournament.

Pick: Galatasaray Medical Park -7 @ 1.94

Good luck and happy betting!

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    As expected, Galatasaray did everything they could to take revenge as well as to obtain the double average clause. But they couldn't