Friday, November 2, 2012

Damir Markota over 7.5 points

Besides the above side betting, I noticed another good opportunity in player performances. As we all know, the offensive strength of Besiktas Jk depends on its perimeter shooting capabilities. Not only backcourt players such as  Curtis Jerrels, Patrick Christopher, Tutku Acik but also forwards possess mid and long range shoot capabilities. Damir Markota averaged about 24 minutes in the last 2 euroleague games that Besiktas played on the road.
Given the depth rotation of Cska Moscow, I expect him to receive at least that many minutes tonight,even more.  He scored 10 points with 1/1 2 pts 2/5 3 pts and 2/2 FT against Barcelona last week. In another away match up against Brose Basket, he made another double digit performance, with 1/5 2 pts 3/3 3 pts and 0/2.

Just as we are aware of the strengh of Besiktas Jk, so is Messina Ettore. Obviously, he would take precautions to stop first shooting options of Besiktas Jk such as Jerrells and Christopher. Those well guarded players might create open spaces for alternative shooters, one of who would definitelly be Damir Markota tonight. Each week, he gets accustomed with team's playing style and his performance definitelly increases. If not facing a foul trouble, the determined point level is quite valuable to try.

Pick : Damir Markota over 7.5 points @ 1.83

Good luck and Happy betting!

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