Saturday, November 10, 2012

Besiktas - Royal Hali Gaziantep

besiktas gaziantep basketball pick

After defeating Lietuvos Rytas on the road 3 days ago, Besiktas will host Turkish Basketball League's new team Royal Hali Gaziantep on sunday afternoon. Visitors were one of two teams who were without a victory yet;however, they defeated Mersin Bsb. last week at their home, leaving their opponents alone at the bottom of standings.

Besiktas competes in Euroleague for the first time in their club history, so they seem to have more focused there rather than domestic matchups so far. Although their rotation looks to be wider this year, it certainly lacks quality in some aspects, therefore, being unable to be competent enough both on Euroleague and Turkish League might be understanble. Coach Erman Kunter strives to get the best out of his rotation, hence Besiktas' domestic performance is likely to differ compared to what we see in Euroleague scene. Foreign player limitation on Turkish Basketball is just another reason that pushes coaches to seek for various rotation movements.

Besiktas is 3/5 in Euroleague where they did more than half way to make it to top 16. However, in the domestic league, they already have two losses, handed in by Pinar Karsiyaka and Fenerbahce Ulker both on the road. Especially last week, Besiktas managed to play head to head till final quarter where Fenerbahce took command of the game, thanks to its wider rotation of higher quality. Royal Hali Gaziantep is a new team whose main target is to avoid relegation in their first year. Since they were without a win, they were stressed a bit. Nevertheless, they achieved their first triumph against Mersin Bsb. last week. Hence, they should have already been relieved a bit. So, I don't think they would be dressed to address another victory against Besiktas, not on the road.

Euroleague games being shifted from tuesday/wednesday to thursday/friday, the regular season for Turkish league becomes tougher and tougher for teams like Besiktas that needs to utilize its entire rotation. After such an important victory attained against Rytas on the road, I expect coach Erman Kunter to give some playing time to players who don't receive it in Euroleague. Thus, rarely utilized players such as reserve point guard Can Akin and forward Baris Hersek might be given more playing time against Gaziantep. Because of this presumption, The handicap looks little bit high to me. Normally, I prefer not to bet on game total. However, the given total seems reasonable to try. I expect Royal Hali Gaziantep to score something around 60+ points. Considering the effect of fatigue and possible rotation threat, I don't think Besiktas would need to score figures around 85+ points. In short, the determined total shouldn't be passed over.

Pick:  Game total under 151.5 @ 1.88

Good luck and Happy betting!

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    Almost everything happened as presumed but we still lost.

    There is nothing to say,
    sometimes we just need pure luck, that's it