Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Banvit BK Bandirma - s.Oliver Baskets Würzburg

banvit s.oliver würzburg basket pick

Banvit started to Eurocup 2012-2013 season with a defeat against last year's runners up Valencia Basket on the road. In the second matchday, they will host first time participating s.Oliver Basket at home. After losing against a tough opponent last week, Banvit Bandirma will definitelly do everything to obtain their first victory this season.

s.Oliver Basket is a newly reorganized team even though the club itself has a lot of history especially in the 90's. They trained many players in both women and men's levels;however, they're best known as the team of Dirk Nowitzki. After the club was bough by american enterpreneurs in 2007, they started to invest again. in 2011, s.Oliver became the main sponsor to the Würzburg's team and now they participate to Eurocup as s.Oliver Baskets. They won their first game last week at home against BC Azovmash Mariupol with the score of 81-77. This week, they will play against a much tougher opponent who is a consistent participant of this tournament in the recent years.

Banvit BK Bandirma played very well and was praised by many in spite of losing against Valencia Basket last week. In certain periods of the game, they kept the score head to head; however, they couldn't finalize it due to the foul trouble of Vladimir Stimac and critical 3 pts shots made by Valencia Basket in clutch times. ( The referees were too willing to stop the game everytime they observed a physical contact for either side. Honestly, I've never watched such easy foul judging referees before). Anyway, that loss taken on the road doesn't mean severe consequences. They have the chance to make compensation of it at home and s.Oliver Baskets could be just the right opponent to achieve it.

Banvit has achieved the consistency in playing style as well as their defensive presence for a few years. In such a game, when they host s.Oliver Basket, I'm sure they'll pay great attention to their defense and try to take score lead as early as they could. I expect very aggressive stance in defence and quick reaction to find easy lay ups in the offense. Last year in the first group stage, they won 2 of their 3 home games with 20+ point margin. This year in the domestic league,  they won all their home games, again all of them with double digits winning margin. I don't see any reason why they can't repeat it against  s.Oliver Baskets, especially after losing at Valencia.

Pick: Banvit BK Bandirma -9.5 @ 1.96

Good luck and Happy betting!

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