Friday, November 16, 2012

Antalya BSB. - Erdemir

antalya erdemir pick
Antalya Bsb. and Erdemir are two teams which have only one victories. One of them will add another victory to their record and could possibly rise a few places in the standings.

Home side Antalya Bsb, as we already stated before, is the team with the lowest budget within the league. Given their financial limitations, their rotation is tight and each week they fight to survive this season without relegation. They achieved their only victory against Aliaga Petkim 2 weeks ago on the road. At that game, Antalya shot more efficiently when compared to Aliaga Petkim;however, the decisive statistics was the number of turnovers. Antalya Bsb had only 8 turnovers whereas home side Aliaga Petkim had 17. 9 more possessions enjoyed by visitors brought their only victory to Antalya Bsb. so far.

Erdemir is a team whose rotation quality is undoubtedly above league average. They also have productive foreign players who contributes offensivelly well both in and outside of the paint. However, Erdemir has a very tough schedule. They already played against elite teams such as Banvit, Galatasaray Medical Park and Fenerbahce Ulker. The only disgraced loss could be the defeat handed in by Hacettepe University. So, such tough schedule accounts for why they have only one victory so far.

Before the match up against Erdemir, Antalya BSB. faces some problems. Point guard Hakan Demirel is injured and he probably won't play in this game. Another guard Baris G├╝ney didn't practice properly this week, so he might not perform well on the court. Erdemir, on the other hand, doesn't have any problems. All players are available for this match. Players like Sean Marshall, Gerrod Henderson and Jure Balazic will look  to dominate the home side to win this match.

Antalya Bsb. has already a tight rotation and with mentioned injuries, it could be even tighter. Erdemir needs to perform upward from some point. I think Antalya Bsb. could just be the right opponent to accomplish that. The spread revealed by bookies is just the one I was looking for.

Pick : Erdemir +3 @ 1.94

Good luck and Happy betting!

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