Friday, October 26, 2012

Optimum Ted Kolejliler - Gaziantep BB.

This is a game between new teams of Turkish Basketball league. Gaziantep BB didn't start to the season well. In turkish cup group stage, they recorded 0/3, being defeated heavily mostly in double digits. They were in a tough group;however, they didn't give good indications in terms of playing performance either. Gaziantep BB is 0/2 in the league losing to Olin on the road 75-56 and 75-78 at home against Erdemir last week. In both games, they controlled the game the first 3 quarters but surrenderred at the final quarters, even at the final minutes against Erdemir.

Ted Kolejliler,though being new in the team, seems to have things more organized. They are 2/3 in the turkish cup group stage. They take quite stable contribution from their foreign players. Especially at the front court, they have such a nice pair of good players as Jovo Stanojevic and Nedim Yucel. In both games,they won, 4 players created double digits in scoring. They play attack basketball, averaging 79pts per game so far where they are 1/1 in the league. Especially last week, they almost beated tired,unconcentrated Fenerbahce Ulkerspor,losing 79-77 on the road.

Gaziantep BB has PG Andre Collins injured which shortens their PG rotation. He won't play against TED and they are definitelly handicapped here. TED Kolejliler is strong especially at the paint both defensivelly and offensivelly. One interesting statistics is that Gaziantep BB made 30 2pts field goal attempt whereas making 34 3pts shots!!!!

Such an statistic clearly means they are not organized enough at the offense.Considering the poor road performance of Gaziantep BB.(Turkish cup games were held in neutral arenas), I pick TED Kolejliler handicap with me. Gaziantep BB. won't prevail all 4 quarters and will collapse eventually against TED.

A double digit Ted victory is quite likely to happen.

Pick : Optimum Ted Kolejliler -8.5 @ 1.88

Good Luck and Happy Betting!

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