Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Memphis Grizzlies - Los Angeles Clippers Player Performances

Los Angeles Clippers will start to NBA 2012-2013 season against Memphis Grizzles tonight. Those two teams played against each other in the first round of last years Western Conference Playoffs and Clippers managed to get past through Grizzles after a seven game series, 4-3. This year, Clippers will try to repeat the same success, even improve that record if possible. In order to do that, Clippers were quite active during the offseason. Lamar Odom is back in Los Angeles, this time playing for Clippers. Matt Barnes also joined to the team from Lakers. Besides them, veteran shooting guard, former 6th man of the year, Jamal Crawford was signed from Portland. Grant Hill, Willie Green and Ronny Turiaf are other new faces that will wear Clippers jersey this year.

Memphis Grizzlies experience relativelly laid back offseason. Jerryd Bayless from Raptors and Wayne Ellington from Timberwolves were signed. The biggest event of offseason for Grizzlies is certainly the departure of O.J.Mayo who joined to Mavericks. Basically, the team has enjoyed its stability with players like Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Rudy Gay etc. creating the core of the squad. They are relativelly more experienced recently in the playoff stages and will definitelly strive to improve their playoff records this year.

Since both teams didn't undergo much of a transformation, their match ups from the last year might give us great deal of insight. When I recall those games, I can safely say that the teams are quite even in terms of playing styles and team chemistry. Adding up this thought to the fact that It is only the first game of the year, I'm reluctant to evaluate any side bets or game totals. Rather, I decided to focus on individual player performances.

Grizzlies center Zach Randolph averaged 8 rebounds in 28 games last year when he missed most of the season due to his injuries. The year before, he averaged 12.2 rebounds in 75 games. Last year Grizzlies and Clippers faced each other 10 times. Zach Randolph played 9 of those 10 games in 5 of which he took more than 9 rebounds. 3 times, he took 8 rebounds. In short, in 8/9 games, he managed to make at least 8 rebounds.

Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley averaged 6.5 assists in 62 games last year. His assist average increased up to 7.1 per game in the playoffs. The year before, he again averaged 6.5 assits in 81 games. Last year, when Grizzlies played against Clippers 10 times, Conley made more than 6 assits in 6 of those 10 games. In 2 games, his total assists were 6 assists per game. So, in other words, Conley managed to make at least 6 assists in 8 of 10 games playing against Clippers.

Clippers point guard Chris Paul averaged 19.8 points in 60 games last year. In playoffs, he averaged 17.6 points in 11 games. When Clippers faced Grizzlies 10 times last year, he scored more than 18 points in 7 times. Once, he scored only 18 points. So in other words, Chris Paul managed to make at least 18 points in 8 of 10 games against Grizzlies.

Pick : Zach Randolph over 8.5 rebounds @ 1.71

Pick : Mike Conley over 6.5 assists  @ 1.83

Pick : Chris Paul over 18.5 points  @ 1.83

Good luck and happy betting!

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