Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Indiana Pacers - Toronto Raptors

Raptors is a team that looks for their old times when Chris Bosh or even earlier Vince the Prince Carter was present on the team. In recent years, they did nothing but became a lottery team;however, this year Raptors has indications of changing this subdued fate. In their season openings, they will host one of the last years impressive squads Pacers at Air Canada Center.

Lets leave Raptors for a while an start with Pacers. Indiana was one of the most respected teams of last season. with the additions of David West and George Hill, they were suddenly regarded as one of few top teams on the east which made them automatically a serious playoff candidate. In fact the season, despite some injuries, went pretty well for them and they managed to advance till Eastern Conference semifinals. They were kicked out of the competion there by the biggest favourite Miami Heat with series of 2-4;however, this elimination didn't affect them gaining the respect of others by their performance. During the offseason, they sent Darren Collison to Mavericks and replaced him by D.J Augustin from Bobcats.

There wasn't much exciting happening in Toronto last year. It was another lost season where team finished the season not being able to qualify for playoffs for another year and ended up as a lottery team again. After such a disappointing season, Raptors has a very active offseason period. Jerry Bayless was sent to Memphis and James Johnson departed for Sacramento. The draftee of a previous season Jonas Valanciunas joined to Raptors during offseason. Landry Fields from Knicks was also signed. Terrence Ross is another draft addition whom Raptors fans expect a lot from. Nevertheless, the most important addition of the offseason is Rockets' guard Kyle Lowry. He averaged 17 pts and 6 assists in the last three preseason games. Expectations is high of him, some could even argue that perhaps he is the player to take Raptors to the playoffs after a while if Raptors are to reach there.

I expect a decent game from tonight's matchup. Pacers some serious injury problems. Danny Granger is definitelly out of action whereas George Hill is listed as probable;however, we should indicated that he missed most of the preseason due to his injury. In Pacers' last 3 losses, Granger was out of action twice. He only played agains Chicago when Chicago trailed Indiana 97-90 at home. No need to mention that he is a leading scorer of Pacers and his absence is of great weakness for them. Raptors, in contrast, has had quite impressive preseason with a record of 6-1, losing only against Detroit on the road. They are 5-0 at home during preseason. Kyle Lowry seems to have already boosted Raptors offense. Lithuanian rookie Jonas Valanciunas gave a solid contribution by averaging 10 points and 8 ribaunts in the last three preseason games. As of the preseason indications, Raptors look hopeful for the future.

The odds determined for this match up is totally misleading. Tonight's visitors, Pacers, are indicated as favourites only for the sake of good old times of last year. Without Danny Granger and possibly unfit George Hill, they are far from being favourites on the road especially when Raptors is currently at a decent shape. Such an odd could be named nothing but a trap set by bookies. Although a close game is anticipated, a Raptors win is very likely outcome. I suggest being on the safe side as usual rather than being greedy. So, you can even buy a +0.5 and play Raptors +2.5 at 1.83 odds if you want to avoid a failure of a last offense outcome

Pick : Toronto Raptors  +2.5 @ 1.83

Good Luck and Happy Betting!

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  2. Benefits of staying always at the safe side ;-)