Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fenerbahce - Mersin

Mersin has its own area under renovation; therefore, they are obliged to play all their games on the road during the  first half of the season. The turkish cup games were also played in neutral grounds, so week by week, they are expected to get accustomed to play on the road. Actually, their current record is little bit misleading because they have foreign players whose overall capacity are well above the league average. Plus, Mersin has Ali Karadeniz, formerly known Michael Wright with a turkish passport. So, he is eligible to play in the league as if he is a domestic player. Besides the foreigners, they have known veterans such as Hakan Koseoglu and Mutlu Demir who can contribute scoring to the team when needed.

About Fenerbahce, there is not much new to say. Since they have been in the headlines quite often during the offseason, thanks to their sensational signings. They regularly play ine euroleague scene too, so even an average basketball fan knows very well what they are doing and what they are capable of. What might be unknown is how much Fenerbahce clearly struggled on the domestic league matchups so far, mainly due to lack of concentration after prestigious Euroleague scene. In both games, they suffered a lot, especially last week, it is safe to say Ted gave away the victory to Fenerbahce.

Bo Mccalebb was injured during the week. He played against Real Madrid;however, he was obviously far from being at his %100. He might still need to rest for a while, so i don't expect him to give %100 at this match either. From Mersin Side, this game is an opportunity to bring themselves to the headlines, so they must be looking forward to the game. As I explained above, the team has the capacity but they just haven't managed to present it yet. I think the handicap spread indicated for this game is a trap by bookies. Tired Fenerbahce would definitelly have motivation problems for an early sunday afternoon game.

Pick : Mersin +15.5 @ 1.88

Good Luck and Happy betting !

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  1. Idiot Prince was sent off, waking up sleeping Fenerbahce and taking us all down :(