Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Memphis Grizzlies - Los Angeles Clippers Player Performances

Los Angeles Clippers will start to NBA 2012-2013 season against Memphis Grizzles tonight. Those two teams played against each other in the first round of last years Western Conference Playoffs and Clippers managed to get past through Grizzles after a seven game series, 4-3. This year, Clippers will try to repeat the same success, even improve that record if possible. In order to do that, Clippers were quite active during the offseason. Lamar Odom is back in Los Angeles, this time playing for Clippers. Matt Barnes also joined to the team from Lakers. Besides them, veteran shooting guard, former 6th man of the year, Jamal Crawford was signed from Portland. Grant Hill, Willie Green and Ronny Turiaf are other new faces that will wear Clippers jersey this year.

Josh Shipp reunites with Mahmudi

josh shipp signed galatasaray
Anadolu Efes has signed Josh Shipp till to the end of the season. Josh Shipp was a former player of Galatasaray Medical Park when current Anadolu Efes coach Oktay Mahmudi coached him. Interestingly, he has played in Turkey for his entire professional career, playing in Bornova Belediyespor in 2009, in Galatasaray Medical Park last year and lastly playing for Anadolu Efes. Josh Shipp was also a teammate of Anadolu Efes guard Jordan Farmar at the University of California within NCAA..

Indiana Pacers - Toronto Raptors

Raptors is a team that looks for their old times when Chris Bosh or even earlier Vince the Prince Carter was present on the team. In recent years, they did nothing but became a lottery team;however, this year Raptors has indications of changing this subdued fate. In their season openings, they will host one of the last years impressive squads Pacers at Air Canada Center.

Lets leave Raptors for a while an start with Pacers. Indiana was one of the most respected teams of last season. with the additions of David West and George Hill, they were suddenly regarded as one of few top teams on the east which made them automatically a serious playoff candidate. In fact the season, despite some injuries, went pretty well for them and they managed to advance till Eastern Conference semifinals. They were kicked out of the competion there by the biggest favourite Miami Heat with series of 2-4;however, this elimination didn't affect them gaining the respect of others by their performance. During the offseason, they sent Darren Collison to Mavericks and replaced him by D.J Augustin from Bobcats.

There wasn't much exciting happening in Toronto last year. It was another lost season where team finished the season not being able to qualify for playoffs for another year and ended up as a lottery team again. After such a disappointing season, Raptors has a very active offseason period. Jerry Bayless was sent to Memphis and James Johnson departed for Sacramento. The draftee of a previous season Jonas Valanciunas joined to Raptors during offseason. Landry Fields from Knicks was also signed. Terrence Ross is another draft addition whom Raptors fans expect a lot from. Nevertheless, the most important addition of the offseason is Rockets' guard Kyle Lowry. He averaged 17 pts and 6 assists in the last three preseason games. Expectations is high of him, some could even argue that perhaps he is the player to take Raptors to the playoffs after a while if Raptors are to reach there.

I expect a decent game from tonight's matchup. Pacers some serious injury problems. Danny Granger is definitelly out of action whereas George Hill is listed as probable;however, we should indicated that he missed most of the preseason due to his injury. In Pacers' last 3 losses, Granger was out of action twice. He only played agains Chicago when Chicago trailed Indiana 97-90 at home. No need to mention that he is a leading scorer of Pacers and his absence is of great weakness for them. Raptors, in contrast, has had quite impressive preseason with a record of 6-1, losing only against Detroit on the road. They are 5-0 at home during preseason. Kyle Lowry seems to have already boosted Raptors offense. Lithuanian rookie Jonas Valanciunas gave a solid contribution by averaging 10 points and 8 ribaunts in the last three preseason games. As of the preseason indications, Raptors look hopeful for the future.

The odds determined for this match up is totally misleading. Tonight's visitors, Pacers, are indicated as favourites only for the sake of good old times of last year. Without Danny Granger and possibly unfit George Hill, they are far from being favourites on the road especially when Raptors is currently at a decent shape. Such an odd could be named nothing but a trap set by bookies. Although a close game is anticipated, a Raptors win is very likely outcome. I suggest being on the safe side as usual rather than being greedy. So, you can even buy a +0.5 and play Raptors +2.5 at 1.83 odds if you want to avoid a failure of a last offense outcome

Pick : Toronto Raptors  +2.5 @ 1.83

Good Luck and Happy Betting!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lebron James under 6 assists

Finally, this is the moment. Nba 2012-2013 season will start tonight 01:00 (CET) with defending champion Miami Heat hosting Boston Celtics in American Airlines arena. Those teams were last matched up against each other in last year's Eastern Conference Final's with Heat getting past Celtics 4-3 taking their way into the NBA finals. One other important event occurred during the offseason when Ray Allen signed with Miami Heat in July, leaving lots of pissed Celtics fans behind. Those two factors will make particularly exciting tonight's game.(Isn't it what Nba organizators want ? That's the reason why they choose to organize such games as season premiers)

Since it is the first game of the season, it is a safe approach to watch the teams 10-15 days before putting serious stakes on picks. Both teams have undergone some serious changes;therefore, it is not so easy to figure out their capabilities with their new squads. Miami will definitelly gain offensive power adding good perimeter shooters such as Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. Boston Celtics, on the other hand, strenghthened their squad with Mavericks' swingman Jason Terry and Rockets' forward Courtney Lee. Jeff Green is also fully recovered from his heart injury and he is ready to show what he is capable of. In short, both teams seems to fill in the holes they were supposed to be vulnerable.

Due to the reasons explained in above paragraph, I avoid taking any game totals. Since I expect quite a tense game, i think the handicap is quite uncertain as well. I do notice one nice opportunity, though. In the seven game series of last year's conference finals, Lebron James made over 6 assists only once on 30.05.12, in the second game of series. Let me also add that the game went to overtime. During the regular season matchups, Lebron making over 6 assits is 1/3 (on 20.04.12) when he played 41 minutes. One might possibly argue that Heat has a good shooters now, so they might help James to increase his assisting efficieny. I expect Ray Allen to be defended seriously by Celtics. Since Lebron is 2/10 in terms of making more than 6 assits against Celtics, I think this bet is of a great value. Both were games with high game totals, therefore, unless tonight's game going into overtime, I don't think he could repeat such performance again.

Pick: Lebron James under 6 assists @ 2.0

Good Luck and Happy betting!

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Turkish Basketball League Standings (Matchday #3)

The recap of the week (24.10.12-29.10.12)

Dear Ofeek Basketball readers,

By this post, I would like to evaluate this week's picks, revisiting them one by one and comment on the outcomes of them.

We started to the week with two Women Euroleague Picks. Tarsus played against Spartak in Moscow, whereas Galatasaray was hosted by Crotian squad Novi Zagreb. Tarsus, despite being a first timer, performed surprisingly well against Spartak Moscow, not being swept out as bookies and we thought and handed us a losing pick. Galatasaray, on the other hand, played surprisingly well, not being affected by the absence of their star players at all and swept out first time participant Crotian Novi Zagreb in front of their home crowd. Both results were totally unexpected which certainly helped bookies make lots of profit.


After women's euroleague competition, three men's euroleague picks were presented here. We backed our money on game total under in Besiktas JK's game against Barcelona Regal, knowing that they were supposed to control the tempo and backed Anadolu Efes half time handicap, knowing that Anadolu Efes were to smash Cedevita Zagreb already at the first half. Both picks were succesfull. We evaluated also a player performance pick, hoping Erazem Lorbek to score more than 11 points. However, he neither received as many minutes as he played per game nor made as many field goal attempts as he averaged in previous games. So, loss for this pick became inevitable.

During the weekend, Ofeek readers had the chance to consider 5 picks in 5 different games from Turkish Basketball League. On saturday, we were 2/3, winning on 2 handicap picks with odds of 1.88 each and losing for our money line choice whose odd was 1.57 only. The losing pick was a complete underdog which surprised not only us but anyone else too. On sunday, we had totally bad luck. We addressed the reasonably right pick by backing handicap on behalf of Mersin against Fenerbahce. Till the beginning of second half, score was going quite well on behalf of our pick; however, Mersin Bsb's American Center John Edward Prince punched his opponent David Andersen and he was kicked out of the game by referees. This unprofessional behaviour turned things around completelly, causing Fenerbahce being awakened. The final score is totally misleading. If it weren't Prince, Fenerbahce wouldn't have defeated Mersin so badly. Honestly, the final pick of the week was quite an obvious one. I always prefer to be on the safe side exploiting + handicap for away team, rather than being greedy and staking on riskier money line option. As presumed, Galatasaray defeated tired and unprepared Anadolu Efes comfortably.

As a result, I believe we had a quite successful betting weekend by which I hope Ofeek readers might have made enough profit. We'll continue to work harder together to beat bookies even further.

See you with new picks in the near future.

Ofeek Admin

Monday, October 29, 2012

Anadolu Efes - Galatasaray Medical Park

anadolu efes galatasaray pick
Last year's Euroleague participant Galatasaray Medical Park couldn't qualify to play in Euroleague again,so this year they will participate to the Eurocup instead. Galatasaray Medical Park started to the season with drastic changes both in coaching and in the squad. The team was handed in to E.Ataman who coached Montepaschi Siena and won the last saporta cup with them. He was also the head coach of Besiktas JK who won Eurochallenge cup last year.

During the offseason, Galatasaray Medical Park acted aggressivelly, signing David Hawkins and Ersin Dagli from Besiktas JK, Jamal Gordon from CSKA, Henry Domercant from Unics Kazan and Boniface Ndong from Barcelona Regal and Milan Macvan from Partizan. Some of the Turkish players left the squad. Considering the amount of money, they are definitelly a title candidate both in Eurocup and Turkish League. Galatasaray Medical Park is 2/2 in the league so far. They were also 3/3 in Turkish cup group stage where they managed to beat also rivalry Pianigiani's Fenerbahce Ulker.

Anadolu Efes, as we all know, is a regular participant of Euroleague and always a title candidate in Turkish League.After losing against Emporio Armani Milano, they won their following 2 games consecutivelly, trailing their opponents with at least 25 points in each game. Anadolu Efes is a team with full of a talent, for them, it is just a question of whether or not they could manage to act as a proper team both in offense and defense. They are also 2/2 at the league so far.

Today's game will bring their first loss to either team. Galatasaray head Coach Ataman's basketball mentality is based on taking defensive cautions seriosly. He is also quite capable of making right in game decisions. Anadolu Efes coach Mahmudi, on the other hand, is more like a coach of stable basketball mentality. None of them are laid back, where you can see them always excited and tense in their benches, during the game. Anadolu Efes is in shape, but their calendar is much more loaded when compared to their visitors. Since, Eurocup season is not started yet, Galatasaray is well rested now, which gives them some edge over Anadolu Efes. Within Turkish League, only 3 foreign players are allowed simultaneously at the court. So, both teams have to alter their rotations, giving more minutes to their Turkish players. Although, this is a predicament for both coaches, I doubt if Mahmudi and his players who receive less or no minutes in Euroleague are ready for this challenge. Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic and Jamont Lucas Gordon at Anadolu Efes and David Hawkins at Galatasaray Medical Park are at top shape.

Last year, E.Ataman was so superior over rivalry coaches in terms of motivating his own squad for big games like this one. Despite game being scheduled in Anadolu Efes court, there will be more Galatasaray spectators chilling, for sure. So, it is absolutelly wrong to consider Galatasaray playing on the road. Rested Galatasaray has just the same chance of winning the game as Anadolu Efes who might look nominally superior. Henry Domercant has been injured for a while but he'll play against Anadolu Efes. This will make things much easier for Galatasaray's scoring. The handicap is quite high in a game which I expect to being played head to head till the final possession.

Pick : Galatasaray Medical Park +4.5 @ 1.88

Good Luck and Happy betting !

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Turkish Basketball League Matchday #3 Results

Fenerbahce - Mersin

Mersin has its own area under renovation; therefore, they are obliged to play all their games on the road during the  first half of the season. The turkish cup games were also played in neutral grounds, so week by week, they are expected to get accustomed to play on the road. Actually, their current record is little bit misleading because they have foreign players whose overall capacity are well above the league average. Plus, Mersin has Ali Karadeniz, formerly known Michael Wright with a turkish passport. So, he is eligible to play in the league as if he is a domestic player. Besides the foreigners, they have known veterans such as Hakan Koseoglu and Mutlu Demir who can contribute scoring to the team when needed.

About Fenerbahce, there is not much new to say. Since they have been in the headlines quite often during the offseason, thanks to their sensational signings. They regularly play ine euroleague scene too, so even an average basketball fan knows very well what they are doing and what they are capable of. What might be unknown is how much Fenerbahce clearly struggled on the domestic league matchups so far, mainly due to lack of concentration after prestigious Euroleague scene. In both games, they suffered a lot, especially last week, it is safe to say Ted gave away the victory to Fenerbahce.

Bo Mccalebb was injured during the week. He played against Real Madrid;however, he was obviously far from being at his %100. He might still need to rest for a while, so i don't expect him to give %100 at this match either. From Mersin Side, this game is an opportunity to bring themselves to the headlines, so they must be looking forward to the game. As I explained above, the team has the capacity but they just haven't managed to present it yet. I think the handicap spread indicated for this game is a trap by bookies. Tired Fenerbahce would definitelly have motivation problems for an early sunday afternoon game.

Pick : Mersin +15.5 @ 1.88

Good Luck and Happy betting !

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pinar Karsiyaka - Turk Telekom

Turk Telekom could be regarded as one of the most unpredictable teams within Turkish league. Despite heavily financed by biggest telecom operator in Turkey, they never managed to create some concrete success in the recent years. This year, their budget was much more cut;therefore,the squad created is more mediocre when compared to past years. So nothing is new in terms of unpredictability. In the group stage of turkish cup, they recorded 0/3, 2 of which were double digit losses against Banvit and Tofas. In the first matchday of this season, they lost against tired Besiktas JK 61-60 on the road and managed to beat one of the weakest teams Antalya by 76-75 at home.

Pinar Karsiyaka,in contrast to Turk Telekom, being one of the most consistent performers of Turkish Basketball, is completelly reorganized this year. The new coaching staff was employed, all foreign players were replaced by new ones, even the national players were changed, remaining only 2 young players from the last year's team. Karsiyaka is 2/2, both home victories in the league. Last week, they beated Jerrellsless Besiktas JK 86-79 leading the entire game. Consequtivelly third time, they will be hosting visitors this season.

According to their performance so far, I can safely say that Pinar Karsiyaka has the best package of foreign(american) players this year within the past 4-5 years.In terms of signing better foreign players, Latest more spectacular season I can think of was 2007-2008 when Pinar Karsiyaka signed undrafted Gary Neal, currently playing San Antonio Spurs. Against Besiktas, 4 americans scored 60 of total 86 points last week. They not only performed  productive individually, but also played fitting to the team chemistry. It is no secret that they will be carrying the team even further each week. The team plays tempo basketball with huge spectator crowd behind it, creating one of the toughest road match ups for opponents.

Turk Telekom currently is out of shape and has lack of creativity due to budget shortages. They'll have hard time stading against Pinar Karsiyaka which is mentally at top level, after beating defending champion Besiktas JK last week. Pinar Karsiyaka will start the game aggresivelly, trying to hit Turk Telekom at the first half. Considering their team rotation, and the fact that they play at home, once again I'm on behalf of half time handicap rather than full time spread. A handicap of around -5 is quite a value pick to take for me.

Pick : Pinar Karsiyaka half time handicap -5 @ 1.88

Good Luck and Happy Betting!

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Olin Edirne - Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University was registered to the season at the last minute, due to financial problems. Therefore, they were unable to establish a competitive team. The squad consists of mainly known veteran players. Hacettepe is 0/2 at the league right now and the team is considered as one of the biggest relegation candidates this year.

Olin Edirne starts to its third consecutive season in Turkish league. In their first year, Olin indeed made quite a noise in the league, current Rytas players Samardziski and seibutis leading the squad. Last year, they performed badly and hardly survived in the league. The team is still coached by the same trainer and they could be regarded as a team with some sort of collectivity. This year, they don't want to have same nightmares again. Olin Edirne is 1/1 at the league, defeating the new team of Gaziantep BB at home with double digits and being defeated against strong Banvit on the road.

If Olin wants to avoid the nightmares they suffered last year, such opponents like Hacettepe should be target games.For the past two years, with the help of their own crowd, they performed well at home, so Olin could do it again. Starting point guard Mehmet Yagmur who won championship in Besiktas and who scored 23 points against Gaziantep BB in the season premiere this year had been for some reason excluded from the squad by staff. He did not play against Banvit. However, according to news, he is forgiven and will play against Hacettepe. Olin knows how to play such games from last year, so I expect them to be more prepared side, mentally. The money line odd is quite satisfactory, so i don't see any need to involve in handicaps for this game.

Pick : Olin Edirne ML @ 1.57

Good Luck and Happy Betting!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Optimum Ted Kolejliler - Gaziantep BB.

This is a game between new teams of Turkish Basketball league. Gaziantep BB didn't start to the season well. In turkish cup group stage, they recorded 0/3, being defeated heavily mostly in double digits. They were in a tough group;however, they didn't give good indications in terms of playing performance either. Gaziantep BB is 0/2 in the league losing to Olin on the road 75-56 and 75-78 at home against Erdemir last week. In both games, they controlled the game the first 3 quarters but surrenderred at the final quarters, even at the final minutes against Erdemir.

Ted Kolejliler,though being new in the team, seems to have things more organized. They are 2/3 in the turkish cup group stage. They take quite stable contribution from their foreign players. Especially at the front court, they have such a nice pair of good players as Jovo Stanojevic and Nedim Yucel. In both games,they won, 4 players created double digits in scoring. They play attack basketball, averaging 79pts per game so far where they are 1/1 in the league. Especially last week, they almost beated tired,unconcentrated Fenerbahce Ulkerspor,losing 79-77 on the road.

Gaziantep BB has PG Andre Collins injured which shortens their PG rotation. He won't play against TED and they are definitelly handicapped here. TED Kolejliler is strong especially at the paint both defensivelly and offensivelly. One interesting statistics is that Gaziantep BB made 30 2pts field goal attempt whereas making 34 3pts shots!!!!

Such an statistic clearly means they are not organized enough at the offense.Considering the poor road performance of Gaziantep BB.(Turkish cup games were held in neutral arenas), I pick TED Kolejliler handicap with me. Gaziantep BB. won't prevail all 4 quarters and will collapse eventually against TED.

A double digit Ted victory is quite likely to happen.

Pick : Optimum Ted Kolejliler -8.5 @ 1.88

Good Luck and Happy Betting!

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Anadolu Efes - Cedevita Zagreb

Anadolu Efes started to the season employing a new coach. During the offseason period, Anadolu Efes had most of its squad with signed heavy contracts,so financially speaking, coach Mahmudi didn't have enough flexibility to create a team that fits to what he had in his mind in. The roles within the team were to be determined over the time.Due to this lack of flexibility, it took some time for him to figure out what he could get out of his squad at best.The defensive mentality and the type of basketball Anadolu Efes was meant to play didn't emerge overnight. Therefore, the team struggled at first, losing the super to its rival's Besiktas JK, losing the first game of Euroleague season ,having hard time in the domestic games etc. etc. Second match day in Euroleague became the turning point where Anadolu Efes performed as if they were meant to be founded  to play accelerated tempo basketball. They smashed the defending champion at home, leading the entire game since the beginning.

Cedevita Zagreb is a modest crotian team who mostly consists of crotian players. They are 0/2 in the euroleague so far being defeated heavily at Lithuania against Zalgiris and losing against Emporio Armani Milano at home in the previous game. The terrible 4th quarter that they performed handed in the victory to the visitors even though Cedevita Zagrep managed to keep the game in control during first 3 quarters.In tonight's game, they are hosted by Anadolu Efes which is always a tough match up on the road.

Anadolu Efes handed in a defeat to the defending champion Olympiacos last week. They started to the game
aggresivelly and accelerated the game pace as much as they did. Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic who were teammates also in New Jersey Nets before shared the responsability, sending the visitors to the dressing room with 22 points margin already in the first half. Olympiacos showed some signs of effort to come back at the third quarter but Anadolu Efes managed to control game till the end. The game ended with a 26 points margin Anadolu Efes victory.

I expect Anadolu Efes to start to the game showing the same agresiveness on the defence and pace on the offense. In order to present that the last week's victory was of no coincidence, they will try to smash the visitors already at the first half. 2 days ago, Crotian center Stanko Barac injured and will be out of action for at least a month; however, Efes bench has enough depth to cover his absence. Despite a very reasonable full time spread, I prefer to focus on half time spread. Cedevita Zagreb couldn't hold on against Zalgiris when playing on the road.(Halftime score in Kaunas was 55-38) I presume a similar Anadolu Efes performance like their last game and end the first half with a double digit lead. Mediocre Cedevita Zagreb can not hold on much against heavily armed Anadolu Efes. Almost forgot, that Anadolu Efes will host Galatasaray in the domestic league next Monday, so they could make some rotation in the second half, considering this tough upcoming game. This is another reason to avoid full time spread.

Pick : Anadolu Efes half time handicap - 7.5 @ 1.90

Good luck and happy betting!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Erazem Lorbek over 11.5 points

It is no secret that Besiktas JK struggles in the paint defense. The weakest link of team is definitelly the center position. The team has many other alternatives such as Damir Markota, Vladimir Dasic, Cevher Ozer etc. for low post defense;however, there are only 2 true centers available to handle the job. Starting Slovenian center Gasper Vidmar performs defensivelly well below the euroleague standards which creates a lot of trouble for paint defense. He is also quite versatile to commit fouls often, causing him to sit on the bench longer than he needs to sit. The other center Randall Falker is an athletic player, good defender and rebounder with a lot of experience. But he only finds limited playing time because he is only eligible to play in Euroleague games. He is also little bit undersized for a center position which he usually tries to overcome with his athleticisim.

Gasper Vidmar will play against his countryman today. Erazem Lorbek averages 14:40 minutes and 10 points so far in Euroleague. He averages 8-9 field goal attempts per game. For a center position, he is also a good free throw shooter, averaging %76 percent from the line last year in Euroleague. Given Gasper Vidmar's defensive versatility, Erazem Lorbek might draw fouls very easily.

He can improve his scoring average tonight.

Pick : Erazem Lorbek over 11.5 points @ 1.85

Good Luck and Happy Betting!

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Barcelona Regal - Besiktas JK

Besiktas JK!Probably the team of biggest impact within Euroleague 2012-2013 season so far. The first time attender Besiktas JK is 2/2 so far, beating Partizan at home and Brose Basket away with 15 points margin each. Nevertheless, it is the time for Istanbul team to show whether or not those victories were of coincidence. They averaged 83.5 pts in scoring while allowing only 68 points per game by their opponents. Besiktas lost its domestic matchup against Pinar Karsiyaka last week,86-79 on the road. Pinar Karsiyaka has been one of the toughest teams Turkish League, especially when playing at home, so this loss shouldn't be taken into account for tonight's matchup. The visitors will have just the exact motivation they had when playing on the road last week.

Last year's Final Four participant Barcelona is one of the most experienced teams in Euroleague and they certainly try to at least reach to F4 again. Home team is also 2/2 so far, averaging 69.5 pts points per game while allowing only 54.5 points per game in their rim. Their traditionally known tough defensive mentality seems to have already settled as they've recently held their opponents in ACB by 68 and 50 points respectivelly.

The success of Besiktas laid in their tempo so far. They performed well when they accelerated the game. Curtis Jerrells is the key player of this mentality who was out due to injury in the domestic loss last weekend. This week, he didn't exercise properly and his performance is of question mark even if he plays tonight. Besiktas offense is based on also the accuracy of perimeter shooting outside the arc.Barcelona is tough at home,so they will definitelly control the tempo during the game. If Besiktas JK seeks to keep up with Barcelona's tempo, it might be disaster for visitors. Therefore, with or without Jerrells, visitors need to slow down the tempo,  using the shotclock to the full extent.

The handicap spread slightly increases. It might be a bookie trick or perhaps depends on the JerrellS situation who scored 27 points on the road against Brose Basket last week. Due to Jerrells' unclear situation, I prefer to stake on total points rather than handicap spread. The given total is quite reasonable to bet on.

Pick : Under 142.5 @ 1.85

Good Luck and Happy Betting!

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Besiktas JK cursed ?

pops bonsu mensah injured

Is the champion of Eurochallenge cup 2012, Turkish Basketball League and Turkish Cup Besiktas JK cursed ? It all started when British national center Pops Bonsu Mensah, one of the key contributors of Besiktas JK's success last year was injured during the olympics and later after the olympics he was released by his team Maccabi Tel Aviv due to his failure in medical examinations.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stanko Barac injured at Anadolu Efes

stanko barac injured
A shocking news in Bosphorus Giant's. Anadolu Efes's Crotian Center Stanko Barac will be out of action for about a month. He will be replaced by Esteban Batista who was excluded from the squad due to the foreign player limitation in effect within Turkish Basketball League.

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